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On Monday October 26, 2015 the Model Science & Technology School built by the Liberian Coco Cola Bottling Company was dedicated. The school is named after Mr. Alexander Cummings, a Liberian, who worked his way through the ranks of the company to the position of Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer.

Since the newspaper did not take time out to find out and report the whole story on how this school came about, I will throw some additional light on this story. When I was Acting City Mayor of Paynesville, the Duport Road Community Women headed by Mrs. Esther Freeman and Mrs. Comfort Gibson came to me and asked if I could assist them in building a public high school in their community because the families were not able to pay for the private high school.

I thought about it and I contacted the General Manager of Coco Cola at that time who was Mr. Rockefeller Findley. He willingly embraced the idea and said he would contact the company officials and get back to me. He later informed me that the company had given him the green light.

The second part of this process was finding the land. I was informed that the Girls Guide had land down Duport Road that was lying in waste and being illegally occupied by different people. We contacted the Acting Director Mrs. Tonia Wiles and the Board to find out if they would be willing to allow us to build the school on a portion of the land.


They agreed and we broke ground for the school. After the area was fenced in and the warehouse constructed, the Director, Mrs. Nadia Cooper returned and seemed a bit upset because decisions had been made without her input. Demands were made that both the city and the company were not comfortable with. Several meetings were held with the Director and Board but no agreement was reached. I was told that if I continued with the project, I would be taken to court.

As God would have it, just as we were about to abort the project, I won my land case at the Supreme Court and rather than lose the opportunity to have Coco Cola build a school for the community; I donated the land. The Girl’s Guide property down Duport Road still lies in ruin, undeveloped and being encroached upon.

It was at this time Mr. Findley was transferred and Mr. Seth Adu Baah replaced him and continued the project to completion. I surveyed the land and deeded the property to the Ministry of Education and asked for an MOU with (2) two stipulations: 1. That the property be used only for educational purposes and if not, be returned to the Reeves family 2. That a member of the Reeves family serve on the board to ensure quality education is always administered. Up to now I still have not received the MOU and I am still in possession of the deed.


I regret that the women who requested for the school were not even invited to the opening; but rather people who knew nothing about making this dream come true were present and pretending to know about it. I would like to, in this public manner, say a big thank you to these women who saw the need in their community and tried to do something about it. May God continue to bless them as they strive to improve their community.

So this is how the Alexander Cummings Model Science & Technology School on Duport Road came into existence.

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