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Issues concerning the Liberian Security take over from UNMIL

I am Emmette Walter Cooper, the grandson of the late Brig. General Emmett Cooper who was kill during the 1980 coup. I am a Liberian residing in the U.S. with several years of security experience. I have served in the U. S Military and currently served as a Law Enforcer. I have a Master Degree in Homeland Security & Emergency Management and a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice Administration with a concentration in Law Enforcement Management.

In response to the recent article published by the daily observer title “We’re Ready for UNMIL Departure’’ by the Minister of Justice Cllr. Benedict F. Sannoh. I kind of disagree with such statement by Minister Shannon. I do understand that the government has a plan that is set in place to take effect after UNMIL has departed. Now if such plan is at hand I do belief that the plan should be tested before the departure of UNMIL to see how effective the plan will be. Most of all, the Liberian people need to be concern about their safety. The present of UNMIL in Liberia have given Liberians a since of Peace and Security; which all Liberian should agree. I am sure that Liberian would like to hear the top level security heads discuss the plan that is set to take over from UNMIL. Most of all, I do belief that the plan should begin to take effect now, so that we could have a try out and errors, leaving time to correct whatever would not work. A plan on paper is different from a plan that is practice. The senior level security officials such as the head of LNP, DEA, BIN, DOD, NSA and EPS are there once who should be commenting or encouraging the Liberian people that they will be secure after UNMIL has departed.

We have had eleven plus years of peace and enough time to have taken over our security sector. We failed at all level. We have nine months to take over the security sectors of Liberia and the Minister want to talk about a plan. The Liberian people at this point need actions not words written on paper. Liberia in the diaspora are concern, I am concern as a security personal with advance knowledge of security. I am concern because plans fail and there has to be a back-up plan which could also fail. Nevertheless, I encourage the Top Level Security officials to discuss the basic of the plan with the public.
I understand the country security issues, because I spent six months in Liberia as my own expense from November 2013 to May 2014. During my time in Liberia I traveled to several counties completing a security assessment and understanding the inner working of Liberia Security. So I do belief that Liberia is not yet fully ready to handle its own security sector. I am certain that the government and top level security head will discuss the plan and assure the public that they will continue to enjoy the peace that had been provided by UNMIL over the year.

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