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Letter to God: Lord, lay Papay too get dirt oo

Dear Father:

Hmm, lay Papay here really get dirt oo. So, him na see no orlor time to sign dis orlor law, bor da de time Rofa playing Nimba? Hahaha, hahaha, de Papay dry face na from round here.

So, wait oo, him wanted to put fear in de people so when de result had na go Rofa way den our man de God Father wor na coming to be celebrating why he and him people crying.

This orlor County Meet dis year da pure politics oo. Can you imagine, de Papay and all taking it to another level?

Bor wait oo, ehn dis Oldman here and Godfather were good friends?

Huh, Father, de way things looking na, da different story we are hearing in our village na ooh. They say de Oldman wan put him interest first ooh.

Bor, “Boakai da baby?”

Da de whole thing sef. They say de Papay can act leh slow poison. They say him know how to do dirty way well-well.

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You saw de one he did to those people from de telephone place de last time?

Tell me about it my son!

Oh, Father, you na hear? Remember de last time some people from our village telephone house dragged de Oldman before de Elders under de Palaver Hut- they say he wrongfully removed them.

Yes, I remembered my son.

Ok, so, de Elders told de Papay da de way him removed de people wor na correct, and so him moh respect de time de people have remaining to their working play.

De Papay na talk ooh, him jus say him respect de Elders ruling and our village law. Everybody wor happy ooh. They say yea, at least de village law hold de Papay-Da small celebration de people too go do-kpo.

De next day, we jus hear say de Papay fini telling all de people to pack their things and leave de telephone house. Can you imagine!

You say whatin?

Ooh, Father, da small dirt lay Papay geh. Him own him can’t talk plenty ooh. He can jus do him own quietly. At least our orlor Brabee used to go make music to give de people cheek. Bor de Papay him own be silent weapon.

Loka de thing him go do to Godfather. Allor them on de field enjoying de game oo. Him say, de way de people playing dis game here, ay look leh dey will beat my county oo, so before they start celebrating, leh me put sand in their gari.

De Oldman, only send text message to him chief of staff, say write something for war crime court.

They say, as soon as de news reached de football field, Godfather and him people jus wen quiet. They say even de player dem too. They say da how Rofa score de winning goal.

Bor my son, my I am wondering oo. De way Rofan win de game, will de Papay cancel de thing him write?   

Aah, leh wait and see.

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