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Letter To God: Lord, 2023 here oo

Dear Father:

Hmm, all the noise my village pepo been making around here dis one 2023 na come. Leh us see what dey gat to offer, becus de way everybody talking about this one election here.

Um, my son, da it you talking slow leh da so? De thing weh some pepo coming to spend their entire life savings for da what you talking slow leh da.

Mmm, we here. De one we seeing here dis few day with our village looking leh ghost town since de Christmas and New Year holidays fini, leh see.

Dey think we stupid pepo here in dis village ehn, all the pepo who want be president, senator or representative, we will check their backgrounds good, good. Nobody coming fooled our pepo with rice and empty promises here again.

Dis time, that na what you will do. Our pepo want to see wah you can do first, before you come promise them what you will do.

Hmm, my son!

Yes ohhh, Father. Nobody coming to give our pepo sweet, sweet talk here with plenty empty promises. Show us what you can do, na what you will do.

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And we will make sure we educate our pepo so they can make de right choice because we will na sit down for pepo to come and tell all kina lies jus to make our pepo to vote them in power.

What happen na? Your think our village for any broker who jus wake up in the morning and think the only way to get rich quick is to grab our village power?

Father, we na joking here oo. Dis other voting here, we will make sure our pepo know how they can identify crooks and broke pepo.

You joking!

Father, dis one da na joke ohh. We tiyah with all these Johnny jus come them who think they geh our village solutions when they can’t even manage their own homes.

Dis time, we will ask what you do for living and how you been managing de money you been making for living. You na coming to tell us how you been working in goworment since you were pekin.

In fact, by de time we heard da one, we will tell our pepo to vote you out becus if you been working for goworment since you were pekin, den da time for you to retire.

What happen na, yor think da only our village na know good thing? Yor think we na tiyah going to our friend dem villages and seeing good, good things? Yor think we na wan them here too?

Yor will come with yor big, big promises jus to fool our pepo to put yor there and when yor get there na, yor start saying all kina thin.

This one it will na happen dis time around. We wan pepo who truly geh our village at heart and you must show something you na do for yourself first, and the village before we start talking.

And for the pepo in Uncle Sam’s village who can only come hustle doing election time, dis cocoa season na for you. You didn’t stay here to plant any cocoa so you are na coming here to reap anything becus you will jus be a spoiler.

Father, ehn you know me when I geh behind something. Jus lee dem, they think da fun we playing here.

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