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Letter to God: Lord, Da God beating de Cedar Tree man dem so

Dear Father,

They say the breeze that can disgrace de chicken can come from de back. Dis Cedar man and his group own jus starting. Da deir disgrace coming so. God na start disgracing dem yet.

You come do bisnay, you na wan be clean, you jus putting yor hand in drug bisnay and counterfeit money-phew.

You want to tell me all the wa million you get, you can’t do clean bisnay-so, so dirty deals dem you jus doing under it-da curse you and yor people taking so, jus be dere.

Hmm, my son ready again oo. I wonder who na make him vex again?

Oh Father, you na hear de knews yea, de orther day dey go catch one big Cedar Man who get plenty bisnay dem in our village-supermarket oo, chicken feet or all all kinda bisnay in our village here with container fuller with bad, bad drugs?

Tell me something me son!

Yes, oo Father. Dey fini catching de bad, bad drugs with de man dem he com say it na for him. Da de orther pepo go change him goods around-phew!

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Um, I wonder him thinking say yor stupid pepo?

Father, you mind dis crooked Cedar bisnay man dem in our village here. Da God na move from behind him so.

Bor how de Cedar man will na be bringing drugs in yor village when yor big, big pepo dem can refuse to check him goods?

You mind dem Father, you na mind sef somer dem hand inside dis thin here. How somebody can jus be bringing goods to de country no inspection? Bor if da small, small pepo like we, dey will send whole army behind one container. And wen dey fini calling de money we suppose to pay sef, you will be regretting why you go put yor hand in container bisnay.

Da de thin you talking slow like da my son?

Yes, na. Not knowing da so, so bad, bad drugs he can be bringing in our village and for peanuts bisnay some of our big, big pepo dem can close dem eyeball for de man to come with him drugs to spoil our village.

Bor Father, da orther one he fini, even if our village pepo na want do anything, de breeze na start blowing already.

Ehn, when things coming catch up with him, him can go and change him bisnay name and put orther pepo in front, him bisnay days are over, da so, so disgrace will be following him, leh him be dere.

Um my son, who can put him hand in drug and cheating bisnay and go free?

I tell you oo Father. Leh da Cedar man and him pepo jus be dere and think da only he and him pepo children dem mot live good life while orther pepo children dem spoil on drugs.

Me, if our big, big pepo go play, play with dis orther matter, de place de breeze will come from will be a big storm da will even rooler trees. We jus watching dem kolo kolo.

Ehn da somer dem bisnay partner-doing rice bisnay and all kinda thin, deir name dem par it already dere. Leh dem continue deir end da big disgrace. Dey quick to forget. Dey mot na go and ask somer our big pepo around here.

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The New Dawn is Liberia’s Truly Independent Newspaper Published by Searchlight Communications Inc. Established on November 16, 2009, with its first hard copy publication on January 22, 2010. The office is located on UN Drive in Monrovia Liberia. The New Dawn is bilingual (both English & French).
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