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Letter to God: Lord da na small sweets Country Giant bring home for us oo

-Our Christmas will boil with Dates!

Dear Father,

Uh, have you heard? They say this other trip de Country Giant coming from after almost two months da na small sweets him bringing for us oo-Our Christmas will boil.

Already da na small noise in our village, everybody just talking about it. Can you imagine whole 50 thousand metric tons of Dates! De Fula and Lebanese pepo candy bisnay na spoil for de Christmas after all our Country Giant bringing us Dates!

You say whatin?

Yes, ohhh Father, da de gift de Arab boys from de oil country gave our Country giant to bring for us for de Christmas. Since food bisnay hard, we will just eat de sweet and drink water. Ehn you know when u eat plenty sweets you can’t be hungry eh. So, da I there so, we inside.

So, this Dates da whatin na?

Father, da some kina sweet brown thin. It look leh sugar palmbler, da de one de book pepo called Dates-na da thing de men and women dem can go on when they want to know each other oo.

Ehn, you say whatin?

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Yes, ohh Father. And da na small they gave to de Country Giant to bring to us ohh.

Hmm, you sure da na sugar sickness your Country Giant bringing to yor so?

No, ohh Father. De thing sef can help bring de sugar and blood pressure down if you eat it de Uncle Sam’s way-at east not more than four in a day. They say it can also help reduce de oil in your body if u eat it de right way.

Bor, when you eat-lay greedy way, den da de sugar sickness you will be looking for right dere.

Hmm, hayaka!

What de big hmm hayaka for na?

Bor ehn yor say when de man go he can’t bring something for your to see-dis time da so, so sweets him bringing fro yor.

Hmm Father, de thing sef full our mouth in de village. So, you mean all de good, good thing dem we hearing de pepo doing for other villages, da sweets they come give us?

Bor, my son, da only de pepo own yor see?

What you mean by da Father?

Oh, you na forget de time Uncle Sam dem president come here during de Old Lady time? Ehen da books he brought for your village, while he was giving de pepo from Charlie Land money to build bridges?

So, like de book pepo can say such a time, such a condition. Maybe de pepo think da becus we coming go do voting so when they give us money we will na use it for de purpose. So, since we na ready yet, they will just give us something to eat and sleep.

Bor come to think of it son, you were right oo, you know when you eat plenty sweets you can’t feel hungry?

Yes, oo Father. Hmm so since we na get food for our village and they can’t grow rice, they want us to eat plent sweets dis Christmas so we can forget about hunger. And don’t forget na de more sweet we eat, de lessor we get hungry.

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The New Dawn is Liberia’s Truly Independent Newspaper Published by Searchlight Communications Inc. Established on November 16, 2009, with its first hard copy publication on January 22, 2010. The office is located on UN Drive in Monrovia Liberia. The New Dawn is bilingual (both English & French).
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