Letter To God: Lord, Da Pastor J Church or Pastor W

Dear Father:

Hmm, this coming Sunday I wonder if I should go for first service to Pastor J church den I do second service at Pastor W church. At least for the past 12 years only my church I have been going to. I wonder if I should stop by Pastor W church first since it na far from my area. But I like Pastor J owner preaching too. So, right now I am confused.

My son, what is it da you want to hear da na in your church?

No, Father, I heard da Pastor J and Pastor W can fini de sermon and turned de pulpits outside down and I really want to see it and hear it with my ownsef ears.

I heard Pastor J church was parked last week Sunday after Pastor W went on him pulpit to call Pastor J all kinds of names including “killer and black mailer”. Bor in 2017 they were buddy, buddy ooh.

But da Pastor W one you heard? What about Pastor J who called Pastor W rogue?

Tell me something Father! Then I really need to go visit Pastor J Church this coming Sunday because they say since Pastor W preached da him powerful message Pastor J been putting him sermon together. They say him sermon will spill the beans.

Hmmm, don’t be like de orlor pepo dem who wen to Pastor J Church and they got disappointed ooh. They say de man church was parked-Ay na for fun ayaka.

But Father, me I know Pastor J, he will respond, de man wan plenty pepo to come to him church so he will respond.

And de way I see Pastor W, him will not draw back. Him waiting for Pastor J to jus say phew and you will see. How Uncle Sam will catch Pastor J and all will be in da sermon.

You say whain?

Ehn, Father my name ooh. The thin they passing around with in this village da my mouth you wan hear it from?

They say jus how de Old Lady turned over de Ray Hay Man da time there da how Pastor W has cooked up him soup for Pastor J.

They say all leh noise we jus hearing here in this village da na for money and voting bisnay ooh. They say da this turning over thing behind it and Pastor J vex but him na wan talk de real thin.

Bor Father, you na heard de orlor day Pastor J pepo say Pastor W and him pepo wan kill him. You na know da de thing behind all leh noise dem making here.

They say since Uncle Sam spy chief left our village de orlor day, Pastor J-the Old Sojar has not been happy with him pekin -Pastor W. Da de play all this noise coming from.

My son da whatin you talking so?

Da Fire! Da de whole thing there they just trying to confuse we de village pepo. Bor da de main thin there. They will balance.

My son de thin hard to talk.

Yes, ooh Father. And you can’t blame Pastor W too. Who na wan chop President job two times.

Ehn, talking about president job, they say whatin happening to de Soft Drink seller and Mr. Old Car?

Um, we heard da small, small talking going on between dem ooh. They mon know how they talking ooh because de two man dem who put their heads together are still with behind dem ooh. The men dem wan make sure their mission go thru ooh.

Aah, my son leh dem sit down there-these two old grownups, Jorweah will beat dem basa, basa leh da. If you wan know wah basa, basa mean go ask de pepo from Charlie land. All lor yor will balance.


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