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Letter to God: Lord, Da wetin they say here again?

Dear Father,

I say da wetin de pepo on here again. You wan tell me they will na learn? You stayed almost two years running under the palaver hut until de Country Giant and his children go beat yor in yor own backyard-you wan to tell me you na tire yea?

Da what na happen again my son?

Oh, Father, you na hear they say the Old Man and his pepo are running to the palaver hut again oo. They say de voting they fini with in their village, they na happy with it.

What do you mean they na happy?

Ah, Father, the pepo say they cheat dem na. So they wan go to de palaver hut for dem to talky there. Bor de way it looking sef if da wor me, I will jus let dis one be so.

Hmm, so you wan tell me they na learn their lesson yea?

Father, da it you talking slow like da so. De pepo jus wan to waste their own time mehn. Because de one they on na, they supposed to blame dem sef. All de time they wor wasting from Palaver Hut to Palaver hut making palaver among dem selves, they supposed to use da one to put their house together.

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Bor my son de pepo think they get plenty time on their side for dis 2023 da coming ehn?

Aah Father, who know to dem. De pepo know wetin they depending on, so let dem be there. Me, I na get any fish to fry in their oil, if they like, let dem be their till 2023 come by da time na we inside proper. They mon jus be there pay for play coming.

Ehn, talking about pay for play, weh pla de short man eh?

Oh, you talking about de Taxi Driver, da man na, na in Uncle Sam’s Cousin’s village drinking and waning with de pepo. They say da so, so old, old president dem he having party with oo.

Bor ehn pepo say they will com talk their palaver to com back together, maybe wen he com back they will start talking again.

I beg you ya Father, de place de pepo eh na, it will na be easy oo. Ehn da de Taxi Driver they dragged to de Palaver Hut de last time. See how they made de man shame. Anyway, who know, maybe he fini forgetting da thin.

I know ehn my son, bor dis yor Old Man here, he will be willing to let by-gone be by-gone?

Father, de way I see de Old Man, I na know wat to say-maybe oo. Bor de pepo round de Old Man will be de problem. They will say all kina thin jus to make de two pepo chakla.

Some pepo say da de Old Lady pushing Taxi Driver and de man hay hard too. Bor de Old Man say he only wan de pepo he will control. My name oo!

So, my son, de way de pepo goin to de Palaver Hut na, da orlor man senator bisnay na chkla small oo.

Hmm, we na know yea oo. Bor de way I seeing thin goin maybe he will na be like de sojar man oo. Maybe will go to take him seat at de Traditional Council oo.

Anyway, we here and we are watching. How long day will soon break.

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