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Letter to God: Lord, De man go jolly, jolly, so how eh concern me?

Dear Father,

So wetin in dis one be my concern? Somebody take his pepo from de city to carry them for village da wat kinda fish me I get to fry inside dat oil. Dis one na be my matter, I beg yor please. Wen you like go and do yor own.

Ah, my son, wetin making you to talk plenty like da?

Father, ehn da dey pepo in our village. Dey can’t mind their bisnay. Da me be wat na. Every day, dey say oh, de Country Giant na go do meetin, he go jolly, jolly. Please I beg yor, yor mon go and do yor own. First thin, de man jolly, jolly da campaign. You, jus sit down dere and be paramzing.

My son cool down small.

No, Father, de thin making me blue. Whole day, you dey talk wetin de man do, you na talk yor own. De time weh you take to talk the man palava, if da yor own matter you wor talking, pepo will feel you too.

My son, I say cool down small.

Yes, mehn, Father. De pepo can waste time on plenty foolish thins. Dey will be sitting down dere talkin plenty abot de man again and he will come and flog them again. He go village to do jolly, jolly, you too mon go and be doin yor own jolly, jolly too na-it equal no parting.

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Yes, na Father. De man take his pepo to one village, he say he go make camp dere. Then de orlor pepo in town here whole day saying da na camp da jolly, jolly.

So, if de man go make jolly, jolly, da wetin worrying dem sef, ehn da his own sef time he wasting? Weting hurting dem na?

These politicians, da foolish pepo. De time dey take to talk their friend matter, dey supposed to use da time to talk their own matter. Bor dey will na do eh. Dey will sit and do for nothin talk – busybodies, chechepoly!  Go and do yor own.

Anyway, Father leh me na hammock you with their chechepoly sef, let talk something else.

So, dey say de Country Giant say de pepo from de mountain mon vote for him and de soljar man ehn?

Yes, oo, Papay. Da de thin he go tell de pepo over dere. Eh look like de man na scarelor Uncle Sam one bit. Ayaka, we inside. Dis 2023 da comin eh na for children.

Bor, dis Old Soljar man too ya, da yor one want power? He wan be like old man Tubman oo-de man wan 27 year too.

Hmm, you wan tell me say de pepo will sit down dere and give him anorlor 9 years?

Um, Father, da de one you talkin slow like da so. De pepo say de man da god-father for de place. So, dey even wan make him chief for life dere.

Huh, bor, dis soljar man bisnay will na put de Country Giant in trouble?

Father, dey say jack drunk, bor Jack na fool. So, de man wor in de Soljar Man village, wetin he mon do. De Soljar man gat his pepo dere too, so he supposed to make dem happy.

Da, de thin I say de orlor pepo dem jus makin for nathin noise. They say de man go jolly, jolly,  bor da campaigning he doing so right in their backyard.

You know, de thin sef, hard to talk son.

Yes, Father. De man doin his serious campaign they sittin here sayin all kinda thin. Let dem be dere. They know wat happened in Rofa.

De man will be makin music and dancing Buga Dance, and dey will make it their worry, while he campaigning. Yor too mon go do yor Buga Dance and don wait to run to de palava hut later.

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