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Letter to God: Lord, Ehn we long been looking for Prezzo, we will balance

Bussi Quarter na turn to New York, West Point da Miami Beach, Monrovia da Miami, River Gee da Georgia, Bassa da Philadelphia- yor will balance.

De man say he na transformed de entire country-Rehab Community na turn to Sinkor-puaah.

Ehn yor long been looking for President, yor will balance-Yor jus be dere. Jus wait, yor na see development yea sef. RIA na turned to JFK.

Dis time wen you geh in taxi and you going down Broad Street jus tell de driver you are stopping downtown  Martin Luther King Avenue-Phew!

Bor wait oo, he forced to lie?

You, yor sef too ya Fahter, how de man will na lie wen da so, so stupid pepo in our village-even de one dem weh living outside our village sef na get sense to know da our village going backward? See dem with their white teeth dem as if dey na get internet-stupid pepo.

Leh be dere believing da Monrovia na turned to New York, wen de once beautiful Bluffing Street and Crown Hill Road na turned to a rundown street, where Kehkeh and Pen-pen boys dem go to wash dem penpen and kehkeh.

Imagine Father, wen de Prezzo can tell pepo in Uncle Sam’s Village da he na developed Monrovia to be Miami. Imagine wa he will tell our pepo in de village next time he run dere for campaign. -We inside.

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They say no rice in de country, he say don’t mind dem, da street talk- rice all over de place they can’t see. Only for the pepo from de Traditional Council to call de rice seller dem de next day to ask dem wa going on.

Hmm, da de village we find ourselves in oo Father. We na try book pepo no way. We had one Cigar old man, him woman bisnay wor na easy. Den one Bishop came, him small, small geh bisnay wor na for fun.

Den, we say leh try one soljar man, him owner killing bisnay wor more dan de Ray Hay man who leh war bisnay.

We say ok, we tire with de man dem we go bring one Old Lady who wor trying till him pekin came along.

We say, we tired with all de book pepo we going for Kountry Boy. De Kountry boy na come, he pick up lying bisnay again! Damn! Must you!

My son, you sure you listen to dis man good?

Bor Father, de man all over de place on recording. At least, if he wor telling pepo da him trying to make our village look like Miami, or Paris, bor to say he na developed de place-um.

Aye mehn da de broad day lie me I can’t understand-You force to lie? Buzzi Quarter look leh New York before everyday pupu water all over de place? Even if you say da de slum areas in New York-de Bronx, still pupu water will na be all over de place-ay mehn!

So dis orther one here, how will yor pepo try to defend you small na?

Anyway, da de Kountry we find oursef in so. Every thin da technique. All de good, good thin we jus hear da technique.

We inside nothing spoil. We movin, our village developing leh heh-Hayaka!

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The New Dawn is Liberia’s Truly Independent Newspaper Published by Searchlight Communications Inc. Established on November 16, 2009, with its first hard copy publication on January 22, 2010. The office is located on UN Drive in Monrovia Liberia. The New Dawn is bilingual (both English & French).
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