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Letter To God: Lord, Ehn you see som

By Othello B. Garblah

Dear Father,

Ehn you see som again. Our man na hit de chat with his first-ever release. Na dah him be de top performing artist. He na overthrow Country Giant big time!

Dah who you talking abot here again today?

Oh Father, you na hear dis thin here yeh. You na here de new song in town dah taking our village by storm?

No my son, tell abot it!

Ay ya, then dis one passed mark oo. Dis new song “I Na Stupid” by our own big dada Kasepreko? You mot com see our man rapping na. I say de part I like in de song dah to de ending part weh he can say “I na stupid, I na stupid.” Hayaka!

Bor wait oo, he wor stupid firth?

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Hmm, he na say it like da oo, bor when u listen to him rapping in de song, ay look leh de man wor fooled before oo. Becux he say, firth he go do campaign for our Country Giant den him market break down, him wife lee him and him children dem get veh with him.

He say da na dah one hurt him. He say de one dah really hurt him for him to make dis song here wor de time Country Giant fired him.

Can you imagine Father, Kasepreko say, he wor lying down on him sick bed wen de Country Giant fired him.

Ay mehn, he na wait for de man to geh better small sef?

Father, dah de one my sef started feeling sarry for Kasepreko straight wen him talk dah one in him song.

Talkay, den Country Giant geh dirt too oo.

Father, dah de one you talking slow leh dah so. Dah de one I can jus be lookin at de pepo leh dah. Dah na small dirt de man geh oo. I say soon morning, Kasepreko say de doctor geh wor bringing him medicine wen he go hear him na in som town crier dem mouth.

He mot fall down on de bay again? Com see de doctor dem fighting over him. Na, dah de one de man na go back to Uncle Sam village to be picking him lay bitter boy den som body mot com ask him say him will campaign for Country Giant again. You wan com see Kasepreko getting veh again?

He cry in witchcraft name straight. He say dah yor witchcraft thin don brinkay to me.

Aah, dah watin you talking here so?

I say Father, de thin sef full my ownsef mouth. De man na start calling all our village big, big pepo and their wife dem and husband dem name da working and eating our village money?

I see wa he say him na satupid

Yes, oo Father. Our man say him mot com campaign so de Country Giant children can be eating big, big chicken tight den him be eating dry bread, him say him will na do it. Him say dah him de only man who go learn book and him na know how to use it bor he geh sense na.

My son, de thin sef full my mouth. Ay look leh dis 2023 will do so moo.

Puah, dah de one you talking so Father. AY will na be easy, ay will na be yorleh.

Bor Father, leh talk so and talk so too na. You wan to tell me Kasepreko knew all dis thin den and he wor still jumping from radio to radio defending de Country Giant and him pepo? Or him wan tell us dah time there him eyeball wor closed- him mot na fooled us here mehn, we na stupid, we na stupid.

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