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Letter To God: Lord, I begging them mehn, leh them lee my man small

Dear Father,

Wa one they say my man na do again, I jus hearing his name all over de place leh he na win som kina big lotto.

Hmm, yor man na wasay again oo, my son.

Father, da watin he na do again. You go so, Porcupine, you come so da Porcupine, every weh you pass da Porcupine.

Oh, you na hear, they say yor man wor defening how de pepo say he can steal de village money.

Lol, I begging them mehn, leh them lee my man small mehn aah. My man say da parable he wor speaking in to tell de pepo somethin. Da de thin yor na understand na, yor jus passing all around-must you?

De pepo na know da parable Jesus used to teach him pepo and wein he fini he can say you da get ear mot hear.

So, wein de pepo na understand they suppose to ask him question for him to explain-Da fire! De man mot com talk som again so yor can say he get Central Bank to him house.

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Bor Father, wait small ya, leh me understand dis thin here. Da de man say stealing ay good or da de pepo say?

Ok, wrong question. Da watin my man really say over there?

Um huh, da na you asking de right question my son. Wait, leh me explain. Yor man say, every day de pepo can say Porcupine da rogue, Porcupine da rogue. Bor he know he na rogue. Bor he say jus incase he wor rogue and he wor taking de village money and building fine, fine mansion all over de village or giving de money to de pepo in de village in him name, da na bad thin.

Ehn? You say watin, wait na, de man da Robinhood?

Wait na my son. Yor man say de reason why it na bad da becos, wein he died fini, wein all de pepo grandchildren them com and see all de fine, fine mansion them they will say our village fine. He say, becos he will na carry de fine, fine mansion them with him to de great beyond.

Father, leh talk so and talk so too oo. I think my man wor saying de right thin bor it wor coming out de wrong way oo.

Oh, wa do you mean, you na start to support yor man too?

Yes na, becos he say de orlor big, big pepo da wor in de Old Lady kitchen too wor stealing from de village bor they wor carrying them own to Uncle Sam and his cousin them village. Bor him own, they using it to be building fine, fine, mansion here.

Ehn, so tell me na my son, dis one you jus talk it geh hay inside?

Oh, bor Father, me I jus telling you somthin, I na talking in parable like my man oo. Da somthin I trying to find sense inside de thin my man talk. De thin da makay every body jus calling him name around here.

In fact, I vex na sef. Da my mehn one da rogue?

My son, nobody talking here like yor friend. De orlor rogue them sholor their mouth, da yor friend going around de play dividing money. De orlor pepo acting mean wit their own.

Aah you see, so da de one na make my man de only rogue ehn. Bor all de cat them jus eating and acting like nathin happening.

Anyway, da yor bisnay, all I know my man say he wor speaking in parable. He be Jesus?

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