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Letter to God: Lord, I smelling big trouble oo

Dear Father,

I say, I smelling big trouble in our village oo. De way the Country Giant children them handle those children from da big school on de Hill there de olor day, me, I getting scary oo.

My son, wha kina big thin you talkin here so?

Father, de thin even make me so scary da I don even know wat to say. De way de pepo na start putting their sojar them on de street sef, da na small trouble coming so oo.

Um, to tell you de truth Father, de video from de thin sef can make you to wan to run away from our village. Da na small thin.

Really son?

Father, I say jus like de way de pepo wor behaving here during de war-they tiebay de other student. Can you imagine?

Bor, my son you jus talkin oo, wha really happened?

Oh, Father, you na hear dis thin here ye. Ehn you know da big school on de hill there, weh all de big, boys and girls can go, even old men and old women sef in da school.

Uh um.

Yes, de children from there say they go do demonstration on July 26. Da na small flogging they flog-kay them. De Country Giant children na play with them. They say why they mot cause their pa for-de Country Giant. Da na small thin.

Ehn, you say whatin?

Father, da na small thin happened in our village oo. Right na everything outside down. Pepo jus putting mouth on our Village Council. I say de thin too bad and shameful mehn.

You joking!

Joking weh play Father. De way we talkin na, na some mot de pepo children still in de hospital takin treatment.

Da lie!

Father, da true thin I telling you here so oo. I say everybody feeling bad. Mm and not jus da oo Father, pepo na start gettin scary already for 2023.

Wha happening in 2023?

Oh Father, you na know da de time our village will go do voting. And de noise da will be in dis village- it na for fun. Already, de Country Giant Camp pepo na start training their own sojar them, pepo say it will na be easy here.

Hmm, then it will na be easy oo.

Da it you talkin slow like da Father? Jus for pepo to say they wan demonstration and it wor like then da voting time owner noise you talkin slow like da. And wha made me more scarry is the Blue Unifrom be weh there laughing at de way de Country Giant children weh flogging de student them. Hmm, da only God we depending on na,na oo.

Ehn, they say wha happened to da olor man from de Corruption House there?

Father, de man is in hidden right, right na. De man say his life in danger. He say de pepo wan do him work becus he say they stealing plenty from our village and making themsef rich.

Hmm, ay, dis village. Some mot de knews da can come from ther can jus make you wan cry.

Father da de thin I san da only God there for us oo.

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