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Letter to God: Lord, Plenty thing happening ooh

Dear Father:

Huh, they say plenty thing dem happening in our village this few day, it na easy. Ley thing sef full my mouth to talk some.

They say whatin happening my son.

Father, they say one woman and one man weh na geh no connection for our village ehn, out of ley blue skies, they jus come and dashed our village 285 yellow machines. Ley handshake people moh com be dancing all over ley place again!

You say whatin?

Oh, Father da small dancing den they do. Bor before they go fini dancing everything jus dey backfire!

You joking!

Aah Father, you na hear ley noise in our village? Everybody don dey confuse. They feel wonder say something dey behind da gift. Da dey matter we don talk for our village ley whole week.

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So, whatin ley papay talky inside?

Father, this one it be say da EBOMA part two ooh. Because right na, we no hear any sound thing weh dey Papay come tell us. It be say only him pekin them don come cause some noise for our ears.

Na whatin they say?

They feel tell us say, da ley Papay him geh right to bring any bisnay people for our village. So, ley yellow machine them be part of ley bisnay he done bring to our village.

Hmm. My son dis one him look leh something behind it oo. It no be for nothing.

Aah Father, da ley one every one don talk for village. They say, ley Papay moh com show us whatin behind ley yellow machines. Him too, he na know. So, him tell him pekin them to go and handle de matter.

So, right, na, na da him pekin them jus talking all over ley place. They say de machine them good for bisnay.

Bor my son is it true da ley people who wan send ley machine them wan something too?

Hahaha, hoo, hahaha! My side dey hurt fini. Father, nowadays, nothing be free oo. If you see a young man visiting yor house every morning and doing small, small work for yor place, da something him wan. Those little girls da dey for your place, it be some he dey eye.

These people, they say wan some minerals from our village. So, ley machine gift is to pave de way for them. Bor ley Papay pekin na wan talk da one. So, da ley thing bringing ley plenty noise in ley village.

So, tell me da whatin, they will do na?

Father, da ley one de whole village waiting to hear. Ley people say ley Papay say him pekin them moh na talk about ley machine bisnay again, bor they say somer him pekin say him moh na mind ley noise. So, ley village waiting.

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