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Letter to God; Lord, the evil in us

By Othello B. Garblah

Dear Farther:

You know, there is a saying that when the thief is in your house, he is not a thief. But when it is from your neighbor’s house, then he is a thief. -Da wah happening in our village right now.

People from the other side are happy. In fact, at times they sit in the comfort of their living rooms and laugh about it and in public they play deaf ears and blind eyes.

I don’t know if they have heard, or they heard but didn’t understand Pa Dopoh song-Cassava leave na for goat alone.

Hmmm, my son, wein you start speaking your big, big book na, den it mean something serious na happened ooh.

Father, um, that our village people, they never cease to amaze me. Can you imagine, people who are in this Jorweah Gorworment or close to Jorweah Gorworment are being jeered, booed, and attacked at our Hill of Learning and everybody thinks it’s okay?

And what is puzzling is that our big, big opposition people are not saying fhewn! And for them that is okay because, it helps to lower the morale of Jorweah reelection. So, for them da politics as usual and a take home point.

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But what they are forgetting to know is that the behavior of these students from that very big school only tell how low our village is descending.

Yes, Father, it’s only telling us how low we are descending. You could hear of such things happening in the market places, at least you will say the people there get low understanding.

But for it to be happening at our big school in the village, then it means something is fundamentally wrong. And if we can’t see it like that regardless of where we find yourselves then our village is gradually heading into a Banana State.

Lest we forget that we were all in this village when the Zogo population started growing small, small and we didn’t do anything about it. Now it has choked us and they are all over the country we want to put it on the people in power alone, forgetting that parents and family members didn’t play their roles in breeding this group of people-lack of home training.

Today, other people who are not in power, are laughing with their teeth when they hear da somebody from Jorweah Gorworment went to the Hill of Learning and was booed.

Today, da Jorweah and him people. Tomorrow your own will even be worst. And don’t expect people to pity you, because if it is good for the people in power today, it must be good for you too. They say what is good for the goose is good for the gander as well.

Yes, because other people will come later who will think it’s okay to throw stone at the president and cause more chaos all because they hear that the government is corrupt.

Indiscipline, regardless of which side of the political divide you belong should never be tolerated in our village.

We can play our politic, but we must do all we can to preserve the soul of our village-respect for rule of law and human dignity.

Father, I am ashamed that some of the people we have come to respect in our village have not come out to condemn these kinds of behavior creeping into our society. It is wrong no matter who it is being done to. We should all condemn it.

You see, if this is not done now, it would be out of control tomorrow. Before, when we were kids by the time you hear rogue, rogue, everybody will go to that person rescue. But today, in broad day light when the zogos are robbing someone, no matter how loud the person screams for help, nobody will pay attention-everybody continues with whatever they are doing.

Father, there is absolutely nothing like my brother keeper in our village anymore. It’s like everybody for himself and God for all and this is not a society-it’s a battle front. But even at the battle front, soldiers still care for each other.

Aaah, whatin I know sef, when we only have 743 Lebanese people living in our village.

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