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Letter to God: Lord, these are the signs of clear and present dangers

By Othello B. Garblah

Dear Father:

You know, most times, I wonder whether we can ever take things seriously in this village-not even when the signs of clear and present dangers are looking at us in the face kolo, kolo.

For the most part Father, we tend to make fun and joke out of everything until sometimes we don’t even know when it is serious. Like my late stepmom used to say, “you never know when the long teeth man is in pain because every day his teeth are outside”.

No wonder we always say, we like last-minute to time things in our village. It’s true Father. Not that we don’t have brains over our shoulders to see things from afar, but we can become so foolish in our thoughts that there are plenty of time in our favor or before it gets here we will put it under control-the before you know it has caught up with us.

Hmmm, what are you driving at my son?

Father, it is this new army that is rising up on the streets of our village. Some say, they are homeless people, others say they are Zogoes-And funny enough we keep breeding them and empowering them-and they are getting bold by the day.

Before they were concentrated in slum communities, ghettos, and the graveyard, but these days they can be seen all over even on the main Boulevard taking baths in broad daylight.

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So where are they springing up from so?

Father, we are breeding them as a society. Our big people them in power have also helped in breeding them and so they are multiplying by the day.

What do you mean my son?

Father, at first they were using these people to cause chaos. Whenever a particular political group wanted to cause problem they will go and buy drugs for them to get on the street to cause trouble. They also used them to get votes. They were being kept like a reserved special squad to cause mayhem. Not it na full everybody mouth and they keep multiplying. Father, these people present clear and present danger to the stability of this village.

You know, it’s like Uncle Sam’s children who like to keep predictors as pets-anaconda, alligators and other dangerous predictors in the house feeding them. From the beginning, it’s a pet that they feed with mice and when it grows up and becomes dangerous then they start calling animal control. By this time, if possible some of their family members have fallen victim to them.

Just the other day they caused the death of over 29 people who had gone to a field to worship. They had threatened to harm them if they did not give them all their belongings. No joke Father. The children are getting so bold that they can attack people now in broad daylight and nobody will talk.

Hmmm, my son, it is well.

Yes, Father, it is so well. And we continue to joke with it. Sooner or later these people will start blocking our streets, going from house to house in broad daylight.

Now, is the time to find a solution but our people will be joking because voting time coming again and they will need them so they will play lip service.

If we think doing something tangible right now to address this menace is expensive, then we should think again about the cost to rebuild our village and build investors’ confidence.

Me, I na talk my own. The clear and present danger is there. As I said earlier, these people increasing their boldness from attacking at night to broad day and now church grounds. Who knows what next?

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