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Letter to God: Lord, they say small children can run but they can’t hide

Dear Father:

Hmmm, they say small children can run but they can’t hide. Right na, na, the place my mother eh in her grave her bones are jumping all over the place scattering things. Even though she na get any fish to fry in our village matter again but at least she will be happy for once.

Um, my son what going on again in your village? That what news making your mother bones to be turning and dancing in her grave?

Oh, Father, you haven’t heard, Uncle Sam na fini putting da old Sojar Man under restriction, the place he eh na, he na join the Old Rooster Man.

Which old Sojar Man you talking about my son?

Oh Father, you na know that man, the scorpion king during the wartime in our village. The man who forced the Concomitant people to print new money in our village during the war.

Ah, Uncle Sam na put the big thing on him, the book people can say “Sanction”.

Tell me something my son!

Ooh, you think the people joking. Let them just be there they think da fun thing the people doing. This time if your village people can’t punish you, the Global Village people can do it for them.

Um, then na your mother one bone rejoicing in her grave oo. Even the Sargent and all dancing-no wonder the ground in your village was shaking the whole day?

Da fun! Me sef, before I heard the news I was thinking whether climate change was attacking underground too-because the first thing that ran to my mind was earthquake. But then again, I said in my heart, that na our village portion to get earthquake. Not knowing our innocent people then were celebrating justice.

Uh, I know the place conned man eh right na, na just like he moh go under the ground.

But Father, come to think of it, da just the beginning oo. They say when you haul rope, rope can haul bush.

Um, my son as we were talking, I heard they say six more people will soon be put on the same sanction too ehn?

Yes oo, Father. I say da the beginning of the end of all this wahala in our village. Again come to think of it, how can the people who spoiled our village, make most of us mother and fatherless be the ones to be enjoying around here. Some of us lose our mothers, our brothers and sisters as well as fathers and yet the people them who slaughtered them like chickens are passing around here free. Da lie! They will pay painfully too.

Let them be there. Do you know what it means for you to na know your ma and pa grave? And when you add brother and sister to it-can you imagine the pain we have to live through and wish we knew?

Father, I don’t care how long it takes these people will pay for what they did to us- and their generations will continue to pay for it even after they have died and gone.

And Father, me I don’t care what people say, I want to see them brought to justice. Do you know what it means for you to spend your entire childhood life depending on other people’s handouts, sleeping in all kinds of places and doing all kinds of things because some people took away your parents? They will pay. It just starting.


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