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Letter to God: Lord, this Old Sojar da real pay for play for true ya

Dear Father:

Hmm, they say the monkey can never leave him black hand behind even if him try to hide it. The man na proved over and again that him owner bisnay that pure pay for play.

All that noise him causing around here about how the Footballer and him people na treating him and him village pepo fairly da pure “yawasense” (trick).

The man trying to make sure that whatever the Footballer and him pepo geh for him mon be doubled.

Bor my son you na know?

Father, I beg you ya, who in this our village na know this jabber tricks already. Da him thin he running with around here saying him party will put somebody to run da scam! The man know right now he can’t run to chop village president becus him position is up for grab.

Da him running for village president he can only do it when him seat na up for grab. Right na, he try it, he will find himself in the paper.

I know right! Bor my son this man na know that everybody in this village know that he can’t be trusted.

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Father, who say that Old Sojar Man na know that our village people know he can’t be trusted. He mon be a fooled of a man not to know that pepo are just managing him not that they trust him.

Father, the man is a double minded person and the Good Old Book say man like that can’t be trusted.

Ehn the man da Pastor, him wan tell us that he na know that him a double minded person and nobody can trust him?

Father, God sef gat patient ya. Anyway, da what make the papay to be God, anybody can just wake up and say they doing work in him name, bor when the right time come we will see.

Bor the man sef geh dryface ya. You want tell me he can’t hide him own small sef. The same thing Uncle Sam go put rope around yor neck for da the same thin you continue to do and you na even hiding it this time.

Father, the man think him Godfather na. Him gat a whole town that can listen to him and follow him like sheep going to the slaughter house. So, how him will na be using them to make money na.

Anyway, da the kountry we in, everybody geh him own technique to geh him part of the elephant meat.

Leh talk something else ya my son. They say the Footballer talking next week ehn? I wonder whatin he coming talk here again?

Yes, oo Father, the man coming talk plenty big, big thing again oo. The way voting time coming sef, it will not be easy. You want come see us Town Criers putting together all the plenty thin he na talk over the years?

Ooh, da fire! We just trying to go back to somer the things he said and what he na do to know wehplay we going and whatin he will say again.

Bor the man na build plenty roads and human being garage na, so he will say.

Father, da one we know already but we want know the one that him will do in this voting year for everybody eyebolt to see kolo kolo. Da the one we wan listen to on this coming Monday.

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