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Letter to God: Lord, Yor listen to dis Kpelle Chief Aye

Dear Father,

Hmm, I hope my village pepo dem listened to dis Kpelle Chief the orther day oo. De man wor very bold.

He say every day we coursing dem (chiefs) at de Traditional Council for not working for us and how dey only care for deir ownsef. Bor when voting time come da we de same pepo can go put dem back. Yor hear it!

De man say, if we de village pepo know da dey are not working in our favor, de best thin to do wen voting time come is to move dem from dere. Bor he say, instead of us moving dem, we can go and put dem back-yor listen oo.

My son talky loud so everybody can hear it.

Yes, oo Father. De me say de only way dey will know da dey are not doing good job for we at de Traditional Council is to vote dem from dere.

Aah, da it dere oo my son.

Father, you know, it painful bor da true dis Kpelle Chief talk. You see, every day da we de same pepo can be complaining how de chiefs over dere at de Traditional Council are good for nothin pepo.

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In fact, we can say dey are not doing anything for we; Dey go dere to chop for demselves and anything Mr. Preh’en say da wa dey can go by.

Bor da de one you talking slow so my son?

Father, sometimes we can say dey na even get voice to talk for we, bor we can still put dem back., so it means we de villagers are our own problem-na de chief or de Preh’en.

And you see oo, right na, everybody complaining about dis Jorweah Govormen, bor let voting time come. You see everybody running up and down here saying de town hard, dis Jorweah Govormen corrupt; de pepo jus stealing bla, blab la.

Da de same pepo will go be singing doing voting time saying “yor le us oo, da Jorweah we want.”

So, de Chief is right. If we know da dey na working for us, we suppose to moo dem from bor we de same pepo can put dem back.

So, da who supposed to be complaining na?

Father, you see de thin dis Kpelle Chief talk so, it make plenty sense. It mean da na de pepo we put in powe get de problem. Da we who put dem dere get de problem.

Anyway, da our village for you. De pepo we say no get sense say we who get de sense da we keep putting dem in power.

Ehn voting time coming next year, we will see if de thin de Kpelle Chief talk, our pepo can learn from it.

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