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LFA Halts Premiership Subsidies

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The Liberia Football Association has announced the cancellation of all subsidies to premiership for the pending football season which kicks-off in mid September.

LFA President Musa Bility, said the Premier League Board established is now charged with the responsibility to seek funding to allow the premiership exercise independence in seeking sponsors and partnership.

During the just ended one phase league, the Liberia Football Association distributed jerseys and football to all clubs that participated in the 1st and 2nd division premiership.

Although the world football governing body FIFA donated about 400 pairs of boots to the Liberia Football Association, it is not clear if the football house will distribute the boots among various clubs or use them for the national team, Lone Star.

Soto Roberts Starts Early Build-Up

Lone Star and LPRC Oilers’ forward James Soto Roberts, has started early preparation ahead of Liberia two international friendly matches and the national league.

The emerging star, who netted Lone Star’s curtain-raiser against The Gambia on July 24th, was also a strong contributor when Lone Star won the bronze during the 2nd edition of the West African Football Union Tournament held in Nigeria few months ago. 

During an early morning discussion with New Dawn, Roberts said the current Liberian international players should use their connections to enable local players to go out for contracts because the mistake made in the past by former internationals is responsible for Liberia not having players in standard European leagues.

Roberts is yet to honor any international tryout, but he was sure of making things possible when given the opportunity, saying “coming back on the national team is a big opener for me.”

The former premiership MVP is sure of landing the golden boot during the coming season, but he said it will require playing with teammates at Oilers.

Handball Vacation Program Rolling

The National Handball Vacation program for players and learners of the game is gaining the attention of most youths across Monrovia and its surroundings.

Speaking with the President of the association Mason Saweler yesterday at the Handball National Headquarter on the Sports Commission on Broad-Street, explained that things are moving on fine and the players are responding positively.

Experience and inexperience players attending the program are learning and training free of charge at the National Handball Association, according to Saweler.

Details gathered from the conversation yesterday revealed that four counties are going to host the first rural handball high school leagues in Bomi, Grand Cape Mount, Grand Bassa and Margibi counties later this year.

The upcoming national county meet may honor it first handball games, according to Saweler,  who added that plans and talks are ongoing with the Ministry of Youth and Sports concerning the inclusion of the game.

More Heated Quarter Final Matches

The ongoing National Basketball League will welcome some tough matches today at the SKD basketball gym in Paynesville, outskirt of Monrovia. The league is currently in its closing stages of the Quarter final matches’ session with each division being represented by six teams.

Matches available on the fixture for today are B-Celtic going against Supreme Brothers in game one, St. Paul Crushers and Heats are paired in Game-2, while C-Delta will close the day meetings with Timberwolves.

The quarter final matches are expected to be concluded in the next two weeks to allow semi final matches that will lead to the championship deciders.  During a brief chat with a member of the association regarding turnout for the games, he said most of the fans are not adjusted to the new arena, but it improving each day.

The basketball association is said to be building up strong measures in line with the Inter High School Sports Association to discourage unpleasing attitudes from upcoming players.

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