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LFA League Actions Progress

Football clubs across the country where in various divisions actions. In the Sinkor, Sub-committee’s 3rd division side, Flying Angels FC wings failed to move sky-high during their 90 minute disgraceful event.

Newly promoted Determiners FC hammered Flying Angels FC 5-0- three in the first segment and two in the second.

Still in Sinkor, Young Star FC suffered a 2-0 defeat to the legs of Peal United FC. Peal United FC participated in the last season 3rd division. This puts them ahead with experience for the league.

In the premiership league, Barrack Young Controller (BYC) deducted three points from newcomer, Tonia FC in a 3-0 opened drama at the ATS on last Thursday, while Jubilee FC, on Friday, finished 1-1 with Black Star at the same venue. Jubilee FC possesses 2 points from three matches, losing to Nimba United 1-0, drawing away to Nimba FC 0-0 in Ganta and 0-0 with Black Star FC.

In the 1st division, Zelor FC won their away fixture to Telecom 3-2 in Kakata. The club is pocketing 7 points from 4 matches, winning two, failing one and drawing one.

Nimba FC settled away to United Soccer Association (USA) in a goalless match. Nimba FC holds 5 points from three matches. They won Tonia FC, drew with Jubilee FC and Black Star FC.

LISCR FC sustained their winning motion on last Saturday, with striker Mohammed Varney’s goal wipping Watanga FC 1-0.

It was LISCR FC’s second triumph of the season. They defeated Nimba United 4-0 in Nimba County and drew 0-0 with BYC in their aperture schedule of the season.  Bong County, travelers Survivors FC beat home side, Manding Jallah FC 3-2.

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