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LFA nullifies Golden Boot, but…

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By Naneka Hoffman (Contributor) 

Liberia’s 1st Division 2020-2021 football season ends with Watanga FC’s Striker Augustine Otu securing the golden boot with 22 goals, but he won’t be awarded the award because the disciplinary committee nullifies the award due to alleged match-fixing on the last day of the season. 

Many followers of the Liberian national league are demanding the FA present evidence of alleged match-fixing involving Striker Out, and if they can’t produce such evidence, the FA may be in the wrong for nullifying the Golden Boot award. 

Augustine Otu scored 7 goals during the last day of the season against relegated outfit Small Town FC, while runners-up Terry Sackor poached 7 goals in Nimba county for 1st Division champion LPRC Oilers. 

According to the grievances and disciplinary committee of the Liberia Football Association, the manner in which both strikers scored 7 times each on the last day of the season raised suspicions, which led the body to question the honesty of those goals.

Liberians on the other end are questioning Augustine Out’s decision for not standing up to challenge the decision by the FA to nullify the league. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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