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LFA protects coaches, players, medics

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Liberia Football Association (LFA) has strongly taken a stand that will ensure coaches, players and medics get improved incentives from clubs.

This decision is in fulfillment of mandate imposed by CAF and FIFA to ensure adequate preparations by local clubs.

LFA President Musa H. Bility said to seek the welfare of coaches, players and medics will be the prime objective of the Association during national leagues.

“If a club doesn’t seek the welfare of coaches, that club will not have a good football player, and if it does not have good players, the club will also not have good team,” Bility said.

He said the football house prefers having five to six clubs, but registered players must be fully paid.

The LFA boss said gone are those days when rude spectators would blame the institution if players were injured on the pitch, because medics will be there to execute their functions.

Mr. Bility said there is no need for a club to exist when it doesn’t have sufficient players.

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