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Liberia at Crossroad

Former Information Minister Lawrence Bropleh has disclosed thatLiberia is at a crossroad as a result of the political tensioncharacterizing. Dr.Bropleh emphasized the need for Liberians to work together inensuring the stability of the country, and the maintenance of the peace for which Liberians fought.

He accused many Liberians in the country of been intolerant, claimingthat their languages are most often violent.According to him, his Changing Minds, Changing Attitudes concept assomething being used to confront Liberians, saying “if we must live ina society that is free of violence, then we must all come together,”said Rev. Bropleh on Monday, September 26, 2016, when he spoke onCoffee Break Program on UNMIL Radio in Monrovia via mobile phone.

He indicated that if the peace every citizen in and out of Liberiaenjoys today is not manage properly, the country will head towardsbackwardness, saying “all of our thoughts are condemnable; we criticize negatively, and these are things that can contribute toviolence.” “ Liberians must stop being deceptive against their fellow men; it isthe deceptiveness that got us backward today as a country, and theseare things most often people find enjoyable to do – to sit on nationalplatform to criticize their own country,” he noted.

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“If we are to build a new Liberia, our statements toward others mustchange – because we are heading to an essential democratic processnext year, and if we carry these attitudes to the election, I can tell you that there will be another trouble,” he added.

“By bringing on all these people, we are of the strongest convictionthat the high political tension that is in this country will be at eased; this is because we want to build a new country, where the young people can be patriotic, because it is only social transformation that bring great political environment that we all will enjoy,” Bropleh said.

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