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Liberia: Bury your egos

Opposition told

Liberian oppositions have been urged to bury their egos to restore Liberians’ hope ahead of the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

The National Chairman of the Democratic People Party of Liberia or DPPL Atty. N Dickson R. Tamba said only a united opposition front can defeat the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC-led government.

“Our people can’t endure this hopelessness any further. We must stand up and bury our individual ego and move with firm democratic collaboration for the betterment of our country and the future of our children including the unborn generation”

Atty. Tamba made the statement when he affixed his signature at the signing and declaration of intent for the formulation of an alliance, a new joint political movement under the banner Democratic Alliance of Liberia or DAL.

Making remarks at the DPPL headquarters during the signing ceremony Atty. Tamba says it is imperative for every opposition political party and its leaders to restore the hope of the Liberian people.

“We the citizens, especially the opposition bloc must be courageous and take patriotic stand to respond to a national call for restoration,” he said.

“If we the opposition bloc is sure of unseating the CDC-led government then, there’s a need for all of us to unite and form a united force to take state power,” he added.

According to him, it saddened them as opposition leaders in the country to see many children out of school because their parents can’t afford to pay their school fees for lack of jobs.

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Atty. Tamba, however, accused the ruling CDC government of imposing massive suffering on the Liberian people as a result, various hospitals, clinics, and other health facilities are out of medical supplies- something he says is causing deaths from curable diseases.

“It saddened us as opposition leaders when insecurity is clear as daylight, lifeless bodies of citizens are found in streets, open places including the disappearances of citizens and those that governing us telling us to buy CCTV camera at our houses,” Tamba went on.

He said the signing of the declaration of intent by the three political parties was a great day for Liberians. According to him, the signing ceremony marks the beginning of reassurance, saying the formulation of the DAL is meant to bring to an end the suffering impose on citizens by the CDC government.

Members of DAL include National Democratic Coalition or NDC, Vision for Liberia Transformation or VOLT and the Democratic People Party of Liberia or DPPL headed by Rev. David Kaimu.

The three political parties give birth to the Alliance of Liberia or DAL, where they all sign a declaration of intent and officially affixed their signature to jointly participate in the upcoming presidential and legislative elections.

Presenting the alliance’s declaration of intent, the organizing Chairman of Democratic Alliance of Liberia, Mr. Alaric Tokpah disclosed that the intention of organizing the new political coalition is to “reawaken the hope ” of the Liberian people in building peace and stability in unifying the country” and ensuring that the Weah-led administration is made a one-term government due to the continuous economic hardship it has imposed on its citizens.

Mr. Tokpah went on to say that DAL’s association with political parties is based on loyalty to country, dedication to democratic culture and mutual respect for all Liberians.

The Organizing chairman pointed out that the alliance is committed to ensuring human resource quality and alleviating the many challenges of the citizens, adding that the current administration has failed in said direction.

He further mentioned that the alliance is also geared toward re-energizing the opposition bloc and reducing the number of political parties in promoting quality involvement in the democratic process of getting out of the ruling CDC. 

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