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Liberia celebrates Int’l Literary Day

The Minister of Education George Werner says Liberia will today, Thursday, September 8, join other nations around the world to celebrate the 50th anniversary of International Literacy Day.

Minister Werner indicates that Liberia’s participation in today’s celebration further signals a force for dignity, and a foundation for cohesive and sustainable growth as well as helping to raise her national flag in support of literacy as a human right.

The Minister’s message received by this paper on Wednesday, September 7, also named Mr. Stevenson Seidi, officer-in-charge, UNESCO/Liberia to deliver the international literacy day message.

Introduction of keynote speaker will be done by Assistant Minister for Basic and Secondary Education or BSE Mrs. Felecia Sackey Doe- Sumah, while the keynote address will be delivered by the Principal of the Joseph Jenkins Roberts High school Mr. Samuel Sorgbe.

According to the Education boss, the Government of Liberia has included literacy program at the heart of its priority areas because it is aware that a literate society is an advanced and developed society, from better healthcare system and food security for the eradication of poverty, promoting decency and as well as a productive workforce.

Werner emphasized that despite progress being made through various interventions, challenges remain. He pointed out that today in Liberia, many adults still lack basic literacy skills, especially women, noting that the number of over-age, out of school children and adolescents is on the rise, while mastery of basic literacy skills still remains a critical challenge.

The MOE boss further encouraged all service providers to join the Ministry in ensuring that literacy reaches the proposed sustainable development goal to promote “inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning of all.” concluded.

By Zee Roberts

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