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Liberia Celebrates International Peace Day

The Government and people of Liberia, on Wednesday, celebrated International Day of peace in Monrovia. According to the Rev. Dr. William R. Tolbert III, the celebration of the International day of peace in Liberia was significant because it helps to reawaken the spirit of love and unity among Liberians.

He made the assertion Wednesday, September 21, at the program marking the celebration of International Day of peace, held at the Monrovia City Hall in Monrovia. Rev. Tolbert, III indicated that as Liberia continues to celebrate the 2016 International day of peace, it was necessary to underscore the issue of unity and diversity of ethnicity, race, religion and socio-economic background, adding that in so doing, it would help to strengthen the spirit of unity more.

 “Let us celebrate our humanity and spirituality,” he noted indicating that following the draw-down of the United Nation Missions in Liberia or UNMIL, Liberians were aware of a changed mandate; nevertheless, it was also important that Liberian celebrate its independence and interdependence as partners and keepers of the peace, noting that there was also a need for Liberians to sustain the peace, security and prosperity by their activities.

“Remember that actions speak louder than words; self respect and respect for others, peaceful co-existence and tolerances are important,” he added, calling on Liberians to end violence, especially mob violence among youth.

He pointed out that it should be the duty of law abiding citizens to always partner with the police for community policing activities and through the means of dialogue, as well as cooperate with law enforcement personnel to correct the wrongs. He also urged Liberians to commit themselves in one accord so as to enable them work together to improve access to justice and end poverty. Rev. Tolbert, III also emphasized that there was a need for Liberians to work together to improve education and affordable health care, as well as the act of empowerment of the youth toward job opportunities for sustainability.

The International Day of peace celebration also brought together several international and local dignitaries from far and near for the ceremony. 

By Zee Roberts

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