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Liberia celebrates World Orphans Day

Liberia joins nations the world over in celebration of World Orphan Day here on Monday, 13 November. The executive director of Orphans Concern Liberia, Amos Sawboh says second Monday in November each year is dedicated to highlighting the plight of orphans globally.

Speaking in an interview with this paper on Monday, Mr. Sawboh says this year’s commemoration was low key in the country, but stresses that
the situation of orphans in Liberia is not something to be silent about because the country suffered the Ebola outbreak, which left many children orphans and they are being forgotten about.

He notes that a day set aside to talk about the plight of orphans will go a long way in helping to champion their cause globally. He explains that his group plans to visit few orphanages across Monrovia and to later read a statement to the United Nations, requesting the day to be commemorated just like the Day of the African Child.

Mr. Sawboh continues that orphans in orphanages should be given hope by assuring them though they don’t have parents, but there is hope that they can live a better life, and become whoever or whatever they aspire to become.

He notes that since the Ebola outbreak ended, kids who lost their parents to the disease have been forgotten, stressing if properly cared for, they could become future leaders or criminals if left along.

By Bridgett Milton

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