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Liberia: Clergy claims worsened corruption under Weah

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Liberia: The President of the Abundant Life International School of Ministries (ALISM) Rev. Alphonso B. Korleh says previous governments have shown the same bad governance and corruption which promoted the 1980 coup and killings of so many people but claims also that the government under President George Manneh Weah’s leadership is the worst of all.

“Listen to me, today, we are feeling the shame of the worst corruption ever in this country’s history under this leadership,” Rev. Korleh said Saturday, 5 February 2022 at his Church on the Japan Freeway when ALISM graduated its first class.

The clergy suggested that there is no change, arguing that poverty, corruption, nepotism, tribalism and party affiliation for jobs are all over here today as compared to past governments.

“So again I say, the 1980 coup was useless, unnecessary and complete waste of time because it just took away best brains of Liberia and those things we claim to fight against are on a very high scale in our society,” Rev. Korleh said further when he charged and presented certificates to graduates over the weekend.

Rev. Korleh, the Senior Pastor of the Abundant Life International Ministry, noted that it’s not possible for Liberia to ever rise if Liberians do not have the right people for leadership.

He believes that through the coup of 1980, the devil was stepping on Liberia and the rise of knowledge in the country.

The clergy added that the coup left the country in hardship, suffering, pain and sorrow which he claims are being increased daily by the Weah – led government and affecting the lives of the people.

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Rev. Korleh indicated that the 1980 coup planners believed that they staged the coup to do away with corruption, nepotism, bad governance, hardship and to restore economic freedom, among other things.

But he said since the coup, nothing has changed and governments after another continue to demonstrate a lack of patriotism and love for the country.

Commenting on Liberia’s human capital development, the Liberian clergy explained that the power of any nation is human resource capacity development.

He said no country is strong because of the iron ore, oil and other natural resources, but because of its human resource capacity.

According to him, a country can have all the natural resources, but when the knowledge to bring equal distribution of wealth is lacking, its people will just be beating the air.

The clergy noted that Liberia and the government are silent on human resource capacity development, recommending that the country needs books to better the citizens so that they can develop their country through positive and inclusive development.

“Our human resource capacity is under fire and it tells us that there is a war in the mere system because jobs are always given to people that have no qualification, experience and training,” Rev. Korleh lamented.

“We are paying lip service to education,” he said, adding that “Education is different from politics; we only need political power to help enforce things to happen.” 

Addressing the graduates, Rev. Korleh urged them to never stop learning because people will always measure them by what they know, not what they have.

“My dear graduates, completing today with certificates in Christian leadership is just the beginning. I again say never stop growing, never stop running the race of personal spiritual growth and demonstrating what you have acquired in knowledge, discipline in practice and example,” he pleaded with the graduates. 

He urged them to be the light that would never go off and never turn dim, saying “Be the best, and be the best.”

“The need for refined spiritual and intellectual training of leaders who will see the picture of the better continually remains crucial as [we] move to total restoration and development,” he said.

The Abundant Life International School of Ministries on Saturday, 5 February 2022 held its first graduation convocation of at least 9 graduates at the Abundant Life Church along the Japan Freeway.

The first graduating class of ALISM was awarded certificates in Christian leadership which was printed in the United States of America. 

The program graced by scores of people was a colorful one.

The graduates from the biblical school included  Varcelia Y. Korleh,  valedictorian; Malusu Dukuly, Joana S. Datoe, Zelo Gardee, Romell A. J. Gibson, Agostino Saiweah, Saiweah Saiweah, John Tamba Borbor and James Sundems.

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