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Liberia Cocoa Corporation rejects LACC, Senate Committee’s claim of corruption

The Liberia Cocoa Corporation has debunked claims of corruption allegedly levied by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) and the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry, saying it is prepared and ready to disprove their allegations.

Through a release dated 21 January 2022, the Cocoa Corporation’s Management noted that it is deeply troubled that the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry and the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission would publish reports that contain not only gross misrepresentations of facts but outright lies against Liberia Cocoa Corporation and its CEO,  Momolu Tolbert.

The Liberia Cocoa Corporation said it is prepared to disprove each brazen lie presented by both the Senate Committee and the LACC with documentary and photographic evidence.

It however challenged the LACC to make available to the management of the Corporation or to publish for the public the “alleged contract” for US$1.4 million that was “allegedly” and “unilaterally” awarded to Mr. Momolu Tolbert by Madam Jeanine M. Cooper, Minister of Agriculture.

Furthermore, the management of Cocoa Corporation said it wants the Senate Committee to make available or publish for the public all documents and or reports that support the Senate Committee’s claim that Mr. Tolbert brought into the country “all dead cocoa seeds that were not F1 Hybrid Cocoa Seeds.” 

The Cocoa Corporation said it is confident that it will be fully vindicated from the shameless and politically motivated lies that the Senate Committee and the LACC have falsely presented to the public as “truth.”


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