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Liberia committed to maritime security

July 8, 2022, Berlin, Germany: The Liberia Maritime Authority Commissioner and CEO Lenn Eugene Nagbe says Liberia is heavily involved in all efforts to maintain maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea.

Participating in the G7++ Group of Friends of the Gulf of Guinea (G7++ FoGG) first plenary meeting, Commissioner Nagbe stressed the need for collective involvement to curtail piracy and general criminal activities in the Gulf of Guinea.

According to him, this can be successfully mitigated and contained if stronger laws and policies are crafted to punish pirates and those involved in illegal activities.

Liberia currently has the world’s second-largest merchant fleet with over 4,800 vessels at 210 million total gross tons, which equates to over 13% of the world’s fleet.

The working meeting which was held in Berlin, Germany 05th -06th focused on current challenges regarding maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea and discussed ways to support African-led ideas and approaches.

The G7++ FoGG aims to connect African coastal states, G7 countries, private actors, civil society as well as regional and international stakeholders in their efforts to strengthen cooperation on maritime security as well as to advance the implementation of the 2013 Yaoundé Architecture.

The FoGG is hosted under the Co-Chair of Germany and Côte d’Ivoire, with participants from G7++ FoGG countries including those in West and Central Africa, international organizations and industry intend to pursue the following strategic priorities during their co-chairmanship:

1. Supporting Resilience and the Rule of Law in the Context of Maritime Security

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2. Protecting Marine Resources and Biodiversity

3. Boosting Coordinated Regional Responses and Aligning International Initiatives with                 Regional Needs and Plans

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