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Liberia: CSO threatens government 

The National Civil Society Council of Liberia has accused the Coalition for Democracy Change (CDC) – led government of taking solace in the suffering of its citizens, warning that it will no longer continue to condone a culture that embraces vices affecting the Liberian people.

“The National Civil Social Council of Liberia, as voice for the voiceless, will not continue to condone a culture in which the President of the Republic, George M. Weah seems to take solace in suffering his people and embrace vices affecting them by reasons of both his actions and inactions,’’ Madam Loretta Alethea Pope-Kai, National Chairperson of the Council is quoted in a release as saying.

According to the release issued 1 June 2022 in Monrovia, it is now time for President Weah to wake up from his sleep, rise up to the occasion and lead his people as expected.

The CSO noted that the gaps and missing links in the governance process are becoming too deep and wide to tolerate anymore.

The National Civil Society Council of Liberia has called on President Weah to break from his slumber and announce his position on issues affecting the people under his administration.

The group alleged President Weah’s perpetual silence on the wanton waves of secret killings, incessant corruption and overnight wealth accrued by his inner circles, widespread commission of sexual violence and abuse mainly affecting women and children, rising insecurity, hardship and hunger being imposed on the people as a result of the harsh economic realities.

The release pointed out that under the watch of President Weah, it is so concerning and terrifying to the Civil Society movement, and the public in general because they know and see the culture of impunity continues to grow with little or nothing being done by the state to avert it.

The group stated that to have a President who says absolutely nothing about the problems and issues besetting his people and who also does little in addressing the problems tells a lot and leaves room for various interpretations and misinterpretations as well.

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“How does the President want his continuous inactions on these matters to be greeted by the people? Does he expect to be glorified and celebrated while our people continue to die mysteriously?” the group wondered. 

“Does he want to be worshiped when our people continue to succumb to secret killings and mysterious disappearances without proper accounts of their deaths or does he expect to be cheered when women and children continue to suffer the insufferable scars of violence and abuse in their droves,’’ the release concluded.

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