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Liberia-Cuba friendship joins ‘unblock Cuba’ campaign

Liberia-Cuba Friendship organization has joined 191 countries around the world in a campaign to “Unblock Cuba.”The Liberia-Cuba Friendship organization joins the campaign amid sanctions against Cuba that are causing huge losses in the country’s revenue.

According to the group, they are totally and extremely pressed by the atrocious and inhuman act on the side of the government of the United States of America to continue with the imposition of the economic blockade on the government and the people of Cuba for their own destiny (Socialism).

The group continues that the blockade which has lasted for more than half a century intends to suffocate, strangulate and make life unbearable for the peace loving people of the Island.“We have learned about many different systems governing the world including socialism and capitalism. We have also learned that Cuba with socialism has been able to zero on illiteracy,” Liberia-Cuba Friendship organization notes.

The group indicates that Cuba has been able to provide free quality health care for all Cuban across Cuba, and wonders if it is really wrong for a government to serve and develop its people irrespective of the nomenclature of the form of government.

“We want [to] add our voice to the rest of the world that say, this must stop. We want to say to the government of the United State of America to please use her financial and technological resources to eradicate poverty, hunger, preventable diseases and other scourges as Cuba do with her mega resource,” the group mentions.

By Ethel A. Tweh-Edited by Winston W. Parley


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