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“Liberia Decides” Catalogues Country’s Backwardness

A renowed Motivational speaker at a one day panel discussion sponsored by the National Youth Movement for Transparent Movement (NAYMOTE). Steve Koluba says lack of vision is responsible for the backwardness in Liberia’s growth and development.

According to him, Liberians, especially young people should be more concerned about having a vision and a national agenda for their survivor instead of engaging into acts that are contrary to the survival of the nation .

He made the assertion Thursday, March 30, 2017 at a one day Panel discussion at the African Methodist Episcopal University Campus, Camp Johnson Road, which was organized by the Liberia Decide-2017 and supported By the National Movement for Transparent Elections (NAYMOTE).

He emphasized the need for young people to be more careful as the country move towards the October 10, 2017 elections, noting that too many things are now happening in the country.

Kolubah further noted that young people should believe that they are not just followers of politicians, but rather sound decisions and policys makers in society.

According tohim, young people should be mindful of the decision they will make during the 2017 election, noting “whatever decision you make today will not only affect you and your children but the entire nation.”

He continued: “That is why you should be asking yourself some critical questions that will enable you to vote wisely in the pending legislative and presidential elections.”

“If we have an agenda as a country; people we elect will become knowledgeable of what they are to implement rather than bringing to us their own agenda”, he stated.

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The Motivational Speaker further explained that it is time that Liberians begin to make their own decision in the October 2017 elections, stressing that their decision will either build or destroy the country in years to come.

He indicated that Liberia needs an innovative leader that will put the nation and its people on path with other countries around the world. According to him, resource management is one of Liberia’s greatest problems, something which he said is a result of the kind of politicians and leaders that are managing the country’s resources.

He then cautioned young people to search for a leader who has respect for human rights and someone who will not only attract international attention and thus leaving behind the local people issues unsettle.

Also making remarks at the program, the International Children’s Peace Prize Winner, Abrahem M. Keita, said the youth should elect leaders who have a sense of human as the country has long suffer leadership crisis, indicating that the only way to change that is to go through the decision they will make during the 2017 elections.

Keita maintained that 2017 is the time for Liberians to decide whether or not they want to continue living in hunger and abject poverty. He stated that a leader should be a person with integrity, skills and quality that will work toward dreams and put them into action and reality.

“We as young people should elect a leader whose actions reflect on what they have within their heart and mind,” he said. He further noted that people should be elected on the basis of fairness and intelligence and not individual relations, something he said results to bad governance.

For his part, the Vice President for University Relations at the University of Liberia, Norris Tweah, stated that democracy is a bad form of government as it is about the majority decisions.

He said if the criminals are in majority, the country will be led by criminal, but stressed that democracy is better than any other form of human governance when compared to others.

“Leaders are the direct reflections of the people. Becoming a leader in Liberia is very difficult but we should be looking for a leader that is decisive in making decisions that will transform the lives of generations,” Tweah narrated.

The Panel Discussion was organized by Liberia Decide-2017 on the topic ‘The Qualities of a Good Leader’ moving toward the 2017 elections. Liberia Decide-2017 is an activist nonpartisan and social media platform intended to promote young people in Liberia during october elections.

Liberia Decide-2017 is a program under the NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development, an institution working to promote democracy and participatory governance in Liberia.

By Mafanta Kromah

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