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Liberia deserves better

-Cummings cautions Liberians

Ahead of Liberia’s 172nd Independence celebrations, opposition politician Alexander B. Cummings says Liberians deserve better.

Mr. Cummings is leader of the oppositionAlternative National Congress (ANC), one of the many parties that lost to the now governing Coalition for Democratic Change of President Weah.He says as Africa’s oldest Republic, Liberia deserves to have better schools, electricity, roads, hospitals, and leadership, amongst others.

“As the oldest country on the African continent, we should have leadership of our country that knows how to grow the economy; we should have leadership of our country that can explain what happened to $25 million dollars and L$16 billion dollars”,he asserts at the first anniversary of the advocacy group, Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) held over the weekend in Kakata, Margibi County.Mr. Cummings stresses that Liberians will have to work together and make different choices in order to have a better country.

He expresses optimism that Liberia could get better if Liberians in the future make the rightful political decision, adding that thecountry would not get better if government officials continued to steal public money.

The ANC leader continues that over the years, Liberians had have limited access to opportunity and failed to work together, factors which he says have caused the country not tobe better.

“Every Liberian has the right toeconomic opportunity in our country; such opportunity should not be limited to political party and that’s one reason why we deserve a better Liberia.”

He admonishes Liberians that despite the many disappointments from their government, they should never get weary, but remain resilient, as better days will come.
The EFFL anniversary celebration was held under the theme: “Rule of Law, A Foundation for Building a Resilient Society for All.”

Mr. Cummings challenges members of the EFFL to set example in following the rule of law in their daily lives, emphasizing that the implementation of the rule of law is an obligation of every Liberian.

EFFL Commender-In-Chief, Emmanuel C.D. Gonquoi, says their gathering in Kakatato a revolution intended to give power to honest oppositions.

“We are not having this inauguration today because we want to have these conservative political figures coming to power in 2023. We are here in this hall because we have suffered a lot and our country deserves a better leader”, Gonquoi explains.
According to him, Liberia’s problems over the years have never been on ethnic and religious conflicts, but the country’s problems have been giving power to dishonest group of people.

He calls for a total change of mindset in order to move Liberia forward.
“We are here today to inaugurate a revolution that will serve as a checkpoint to would-be politicians. EFFL will be the checkpoint in 2023!”

He laments that many politicians did not attend the anniversary celebration because they know the record of the EFFL, adding that the group will not create avenue for greedy and self-seeking politicians who will come in disguise during elections.

He says they (EFFL) have normally been referred to as a sell-out because they do not do what politicians want them to do, but rather operate by the dictates of the revolution.

Gonquoi He also lashes at President Weah, saying the government has made Liberians strangers to their own economy, instead of it being in their hands. The President, he notes took office with a promise that Liberians will not be spectators to their own economy, but notes this is on the contrary.

“Most of the cake is being divided by the foreigners. Lebanese in this country are abusing us, using our own resources to abuse us. Foreigners in this county are abusing us and winning all of the contracts,” he laments. Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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