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Liberia/EU hold5th political dialogue

The Liberian government has briefed the European Union on national efforts aimed at consolidating peace and economic development. The Dialogue focused on key thematic areas to include Political and security matters, Economic and Trade issues, sustainability of donor supported reforms among others.

Speaking at the 5th European Union – Liberia Political Dialogue Thursday, Governance Commission Chairman Dr. Amos Sawyer, provided updates on Laws and policy frameworks on landmark reforms in the pipeline; Maintaining an environment for dialogue and confidence building among candidates leading up to elections and during the post-elections period; and Transition management.

Some of these landmarks achievements still in the pipeline are Constitution Reform including, propositions passed by House of Representatives and now before the Senate. These include tenures of president, vice president, senators and representatives, dual citizenship and women participation in national affairs.

The Local Government Act otherwise known as the Decentralization Act and the Land Rights Act are yet to be passed by the Senate.Dr. Sawyer also briefed the Dialogue about collaborative efforts among relevant stakeholders – political parties, NEC, CSOs and others toward assuring the conduct of peaceful, inclusive, participatory elections in Liberia in October.

Other issues Dr. Sawyer touched on include the signed Farmington River Declaration and the formation of national Mediation Committee, the recently held National Political Summit, and cataloguing, protecting and managing government’s assets, hand and over notes during the Transition, as well as the formation of transitional teams for both outgoing and incoming governments.

The FifthEU –Liberia Political Dialogue was held at the Cecil Dennis Auditorium and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dr. Sawyer spoke on “Briefing on Democratic Transition”.
Meanwhile an EU – Liberia Communiqué will be out tomorrow relating to the Dialogue.

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