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Liberia faces imminent danger

The Resident Pastor and General Overseer of the Gospel Safari Able God Miniseries here warns Liberians that the country faces an imminent danger. He says the wrath of God hangs over Liberia due to what the clergyman terms “diabolic form and manner” in which the country’s leadership has steered the affairs of state.

Speaking to reporters upon his return from the United States of America over the weekend, Pastor Allen Doue says the country’s current leadership has deviated from its (Liberia) original Christian foundation, and is now involved in sinful acts, which he says is a reproach to any nation.

He also frowns on the government for omitting Christian literature from the national curriculum for both public and private schools, a decision that he notes, undermines the true essence of a Christian nation, a principle upon which Liberia was given birth.

Pastor Doue calls on the Unity Party-led government under the stewardship of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to reconsider the decision and reintroduce teaching of Holy Bible in all primary and secondary schools across Liberia before she leaves office in January 2018.

He says in as much as he appreciates religious tolerance and religious peaceful coexistence amongst the country’s various religious communities, he is under a spiritual mandate from God to ensure Liberia returns to its once Christian principles, pillars that the country’s forefathers envisaged when they proclaimed the Declaration of Independence in 18 47.

Preamble of the 1847 Constitution of Liberia says Liberia was established on Christian principles, but that statement was removed and replaced by the phrase “Secular State” during a rewriting of the constitution after the 1980 military coup, which gave birth to the 1986 Constitution currently in use.

Call to legislate Liberia as a Christian nation was among several propositions put forward during a Constitution review exercise conducted across the country in 2015, but was vehemently rejected by members of the Muslim community here backed by the Liberia Council of Churches, terming it divisive.

The clergyman bemoans what he refers to as conspicuous silence of the body of Christ in Liberia against the huge wave of immorality that has engulfed the nation, saying that the body of Christ has lost its true essence as a conscience of society, further charging that many professed church leaders themselves are indulged in immoral acts in their quest to attract fame.

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Pastor Doue warns that the wrath of God will not spare those he refers to as false prophets, who have led God’s people astrayed with false doctrines, an action that has placed the country in total confusion with no sense of direction.

He expresses disappointment over the current stalemate between the Judicial and Legislative branches of government, adding that the show of power ongoing at Capitol Hill is squarely for personal appeasement and not in the interest of the already poverty stricken population.

He laments that officials exploit the suffering citizens by apportioning huge salaries and incentives to themselves while the vast majority of the people drowns in poverty with basic necessities such as good healthcare and quality education remain elusive.

He urges Liberians to ask God for divine direction in the impending elections to elect a leader that cares for the country and its people, cautioning electorate not to cast their ballots on the basis of mere admiration for a particular candidate.

Pastor Doue stresses that a good must have the fear of God without which no person is qualified to lead Liberia out of its current backward state, adding that in the absence of such character, prosperity would remain a farfetched reality.

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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