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Liberia Faces Internal Security Threats

Lofa County Senator Steve Zargo says Liberia’s security sector is only confronted with internal threats, not external. Senator Zargo expressed the urgent need for the Liberian Government to give special attention to security institutions in the country in terms of building their capacities as UNMIL departs Liberia.

“We should place special emphasis on cohesive operations by strengthening the military and other security institutions, including Reserved Officer Training Course or ROTC in various high schools across the country; by doing just that will send a clear message to others who are desirous of entering the security sector.”

The Lofa County Senator made the disclosure at a symposium which formed part of the 59th celebrations of the Arm forces Day, under the auspices of the Ministry of National Defense. The symposium brought together officials of the Liberian Government.

The Senator – also Chairman of the Senate committee on Defense and Security, stressed the need for coordination among security agenncies in the country in order to be prepared for the departure of UNMIL.

At the same time, Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Steven Neville has admonished Liberians to maintain the country’s peace following the departure of UNMIL. “What can cause conflict in every part of the world is the issue of misunderstanding among citizens; in post-UNMIL transition, I think what Liberians need is to have dialogues; to communicate with one another – something which will help to sustain the peace in the absence of the United Nations peace keepers,” Neuville indicated.

“while it is true that we all are calling on the security institutions in Liberia to adequately handle the affairs of the country when UNMIL leaves, they cannot do just that without building their capacities; their capacities need to be built – especially the Arm forces of Liberia, to have them prepared for any form of disaster, and in doing that, they must also take full ownership of things that will promote the free movement of citizens,” he added.

By Lewis S. Teh-Edited by George Barpeen

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