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Liberia: Fact-checking President Weah’s claim

-That his administration has constructed more health infrastructures than any other government

By S. Karweaye

During his recent tour of Monrovia, Montserrado County, President Weah said ” my administration has constructed more health infrastructures than any other government and we will do more for the benefit of our people.” The President’s claim was made during his announcement of plans to construct a new JFK hospital in Monrovia. 

Minister of State for President Affairs, Nathaniel Mcgill before the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated him on others on their sanction listing and subsequent suspension by President Weah said the past  (Sirleaf) government took 12 years to build one hospital which is the Jackson F. Doe Hospital in Tapita, Nimba County,  but the Weah’s government has taken four and half years to build three hospitals.

Fact Check

President William VS Tubman Administration

During the administration of President William VS Tubman, the following health facilities were constructed: Grand Bassa Government Hospital in Bassa County (constructed in 1946), Martha Tubman Memorial Hospital in Grand Gedeh (1947), E.S Grant Mental Health Hospital in Montserrado County (1962), F. J. Grant Hospital in Sinoe County (1971) and John F. Kennedy Medical Center (1971).  

William Tolbert Administration 

Under President William Tolbert’s “Mats to Mattress”, “Rally Time”, and “Total Involvement for Higher Heights, ” the Charles Henry Rennie Hospital in Margibi County was constructed (1974) and the majority of the health centers in rural Liberia were constructed. It was under President Tolbert the Liberian Medical Board was established to regulate the practice of medicine.

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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Administration

During the administration of Madam Ellen Johnson, the following health facilities were constructed: Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital in Nimba (2009), CB Dunbar Maternity Hospital in Bong County (2012), and Fish Town Referral Hospital (2015), Pleebo Health Center (2016).

President George Weah’s Administration 

Under President George Weah’s administration, the 14th military hospital in Margibi County (2021), River Cess District Referral Hospital in River Cess Country (2021), and Emirate Hospital in Gbarpolu County (2022).


From the analysis and investigations relating to the claims made by President George Weah and the suspended Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, it is clear that these claims are FALSE.

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One Comment

  1. These guys are looters, looting our resources and having nothing to say but rather to be boosting about nonsense around, but don’t worry, for the fact that the United States Senate and House of Representatives voted to prosecute corrupt officials of the government in Liberia 🇱🇷, I am right and sure that George weah and his gangster will be fully prosecuted, and will also bear the full weight of Law. People such as Solomon George and other so-called City Mayor like Jefferson Koijee and many others are making a statement that has the propensity to destroy peace and stability. We are calling upon the Americans to intervene on behalf of the Liberian people before for the protection of our democracy. Weah much fixes the country or Weah go, not only go but go to Hague.

    America, please don’t listen to that music, that they are singing around these children has been paid to do so, this comes around Liberians are very careful and intelligent in looking at the reality facing our country.

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