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Liberia Ghana Business Forum

A two day-business forum involving Liberia and Ghana aimed at creating Jobs and Economic Empowerment began yesterday at the Monrovia City Hall. The forum is expected to open partnerships with Local and International business firms in both nations.

The business brought together top officials of the Liberian government, the private sectors and executives from Ghanaian businesses seeking investment in Liberia.

The Forum Theme “Investment Attracting and Creation for Economic Empowerment”, will help Liberia Poverty Reduction Strategy to be more effective.

Speaking at the program, the Vice President of  Liberia, Joseph Boakai Liberian Businesses and Investors from Ghana, that Liberia has lots of available potentials for Investment, naming Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Mining, Quarrying, Energy, Building Construction, Canning and Food Preservation, Transportation and Communication, Surplus unskilled labor and Furniture making.

“As Liberia and Ghana continue to strengthen their partnership, we hope for this forum to improve and provide the needed development for both nations business foundations.” Joseph Boakai said.

The chairman of the Nation Investment commission Dr Richard Tolbert promised business managers attending the forum that the Government of Liberia’s door is opened for investments.

Tolbert said interregional trades are important to Liberia as a country merging from civil war.

According to Tolbert, for the past five years Liberia has attracted more than sixty five small businesses providing about six thousands jobs and investment of five to six hundred million dollars.

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“In the mining sectors, we have two major investments of two billions dollars, currently providing about three thousands jobs. There are lots of opportunities for business in the palm old, sector, Fruits productions, Cassava, sectors.” He said.

Liberia Minister of Commerce, Hon Beysolow, said that Liberia has revised its commercial code, “the revised code provides security for investors and banks.”

One of the business firms attending the Forum is Zoomlion Ghana Limited, the largest waste management company in Ghana providing more than fifty thousand jobs across Ghana.

According to American Millionaire Investor in Liberia Robert L. Johnson, Liberia is getting back on her prewar path, “I am glad to see foreign businesses seeking investment in Liberia”.

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