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Liberia: Give zogoes attention

Apostle Kromah tells gov’t following 29 deaths at crusade 

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Liberia: The General Overseer of the Word of Life Outreach International Ministries Apostle Abraham Kromah who’s three – day night – time crusade ended tragically with 29 deaths has called on the government here to pay key attention to drug abusers who are also known among Liberians as zogoes or disadvantaged youths.

Speaking late Wednesday night on his radio station, Vision FM 102.1, Pastor Kromah expressed deep sadness over the incident, saying he is broken and disappointed about those that lost their lives in a stampede that occurred when zogoes invaded a sports pitch where the crusade was held on Bushrod Island.

“Please, to the Government of Liberia, please do all you can within your power and give attention to those disadvantaged youths or “zogoes” in the street,” said Pastor Kromah. 

“Please do all you can to protect your citizens. Please, above all, try and get them off the street so that you can save the lives of your citizens. Once again, I am deeply sorry, broken and disappointed about the loss of lives,” he continued.

He said it was never his wish and thought for the crusade to be as it went, adding that he is broken and saddened by the deaths.

Pastor Kromah condemned the situation and the way in which his people died, but also prayed that the souls of the faithful rest in peace.

Liberian health authorities have confirmed the deaths of at least 29 persons following the stampede that occurred at the overcrowded crusade when Christian worshipers were reportedly invaded by drug abusers or street gangs armed with deadly instruments intended to incite fear, wage terror and steal from people.

The three-day night-time crusade was organized at the D. Twe Memorial High School soccer pitch in New Kru Town on Bushrod Island by the Word of Life Outreach Ministry senior pastor Apostle Abraham Kromah, popularly known as “More Grace.”

The incident is reported to have occurred during an open-air church service in the area Wednesday night, 19 January 2022.

Hundreds of Christian worshipers converged at the soccer – pitch for the three-day crusade in Montserrado County District number 16.

A moment after the service climaxed during the night, the drug abusers attacked worshipers attending the service with machetes, knives and other deadly weapons and made away with the loot. 

Ghettos, cemeteries and other abandoned structures are some of the places drug addicts shelter in and outside of Monrovia.

And there is a fast-growing population of young people who have become zogoes or drug addicts, spreading into the communities and posing danger to peaceful citizens and residents even in broad daylight.

Apostle Kromah believes that when the government of Liberia gives attention to disadvantaged youths across the country, it will help promote security and protection for citizens.

He said it will also stop zogoes from attacking and hijacking people as they did during the crusade held in New Kru Town.

The crusade brought together hundreds believers. Among the dead were a pregnant woman, several other women, men and children.

“The crusade went well, but it’s so unfortunate we lost lives. I Apostle Abraham Kromah deeply say I am sorry for the incident and everything that I have caused you,” he noted. 

“However, I pray that our good God, console us in these difficult times. I never came to you with bad intentions because I see that crusade as total freedom but again sorry it went that way.”

He explained that he has been conducting crusades in other places and he has been through challenges, saying he leaves this latest incident to God.

According to Pastor Kromah, people are being spiritually oppressed and no matter what they do physically, they will not end up anywhere.

Based on that, he said he was instructed by God to save people from such power.

Meanwhile, Apostle Abraham Kromah has thanked the Liberia National Police (LNP), the entire Christian community and the media for their role played, adding that their efforts will never be forgotten.

Pastor Kromah said they served as encouragement and motivation for him when he was depressed and broken by the death.

Pastor Kromah said it’s so sad and complicated for a physical man to understand spiritual things, adding that “we are in a generation of our days where people make statements and accuse people falsely of things they know nothing about.”

” I say thanks to my enemies, critics and hypocrites and all those who see this period as the best and right time to express the issues they have long been keeping … within them for years against me,” he said.

“I also pray that the good God we all serve see us through because he is the final judge. Thanks for the misrepresentation, criticisms but they were not my primary concern, rather my primary concern was my people that were attacked and killed,” he concluded.


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