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Liberia: Going from bad to worse

All is not well in Liberia, as the daily confirmed cases of the coronavirus among the population are nearly 200 and death keeps increasing. Funeral homes are overwhelmed by dead bodies, while caskets are in short supply.

Already, Liberia has been placed at Level 4 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States for being a country with very high COVID-19 confirmed cases. The country gradually seems to be at the brink of succumbing to the pandemic, if a concerted effort is not taken immediately.

Health authorities in the country keep assuring the public that they are up to the task, having announced protocol and preventive measures. However, the reality on the ground with fresh surging cases and deaths point to the contrary.  It is a fact that soldiers fighting at the frontline would never give up until the last combatant dies, but Liberia’s people don’t want to be decapitated or led to the slaughterhouse.

We believe strongly that rapid testing is the surest way to reverse the current trend than to wait for infected patients to be taken to Star Base for oxygen that is scarcely available. Liberia cannot contain the resurgence of the coronavirus unless a massive rapid testing campaign is launched across the entire country.

In this fight, we need all hands on deck, including experts that are not present in government. This is not a fight for the Minister of Health Doctor Wilehmina S. Jallah and her staff at NPHIL or the Incident Management System. All Liberians should join the fight to defeat COVID-19.

It is in this light that we welcome the US$150,000 commitment from the Cummings Africa Foundation towards our health crisis, joining the Government of Liberia to reach out to hospitals and health centers particularly and the citizenry generally.

As Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, founder of the Foundation and leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) said last week while announcing the gesture, Liberia is under serious threat right now, and unless we join hands to do our very best for one another, all of us will continue to be at risk, even if we hide in the homes.

Besides, those leading the fight from the government side should move away from lip service and demonstrate political will. We demand vigilance at the Roberts International Airport, seaports, and land borders to curtailing the resurgence.

By doing so, we will get ahead of the curve and erect relevant checkpoints that could halt the spread, particularly in the counties. The health system lacks the capacity to respond to any overwhelming situation outside Montserrado County when even the seat of government itself is seriously challenged.

Let this not be misconstrued that we are being pessimistic here. This is an honest attempt to present the grim reality so that all Liberians would wake up from their slumber, state of denial, and face the danger ahead of us as a people. We need to wear our masks properly, observe the social distance, wash our hands regularly and avoid mass gatherings or crowded places, among others, to halt the spread.  https://thenewdawnliberia.com/covid-19-attacks-13-counties/

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