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“Liberia got talents-2014” to be launched

The Chairman of a new Liberian-owned Sustainable Talent Development Initiative in Liberia, Mr. Mark Harris has announced that all is now set for the launch of the event in Monrovia next April.

Mr. Harris told Journalists at a news conference on Monday, March 24, 2014, in Monrovia that there were many talents in the country, and that “Liberia Got Talents 2014” launch in Monrovia is the future of Liberia entertainment.

He urged Liberians and other nationals to seize the opportunity to develop their talents with maximum use. The Australian-based Liberian said talents are given by nature, and when developed and used wisely, they lift an entire generation or nation out of abject poverty.

Mr. Harris urged Liberians to follow the good example of Ambassador George Weah, who, he said, because he seized the opportunities available during his professional football career, his talent has placed him number one to none on the continent of Africa.

Mr. Harris’ initiative is the first of its kind in Liberia, and is intended to provide an opportunity for his fellow Liberians and other citizens in post-war Liberia to discover and develop their talents in a sustainable way for nation-building, peace and reconciliation and poverty reduction.

He also said successful participants at the selection process would be provided opportunities for training and preparation for what he called the December 2014 big show in the nation.

“I am based in Austrelia, but I have deep interest in helping Liberia and Liberians and other citizens who have come to help the nation grow to realize their full potentials,” he said. 

Mr. Harris has set up committees to work with successful candidates who will perform at the big launching event in December 2014, adding that the committee will prepare beneficiaries on talent discipline. He said there are many prizes, including cash to be won at the conclusion of the annual event in December.

He disclosed that the organizing committee is currently accepting applications from the public in the following categories: gospel, country, traditional, western; arts and designs, special fist time styles-African/European; as well as other arts, including drama, magic, dancing, Cultural performance and sports- martial arts.

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