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Liberia: History Beckons Boakai to make the Ultimate Sacrifice

By: Isaac W. Jackson, Jr. 

Liberia: The advocacy to pull out of the CPP because an 80-year-old man with a pacemaker is unlikely to head the CPP not only amputates the need for genuine change in Liberia but invokes serious democratic concerns. Can we not agree to disagree in the CPP?  How can this bunch of political zealots proudly say with a clear conscience that they represent the aspirations of the Liberian people while dallying into this form of self-interest-driven maneuvers? 

Based on the precarious situation on the home front, we need to bind and rally our energies across the length and breadth of the nation to ensure the success of CPP’s immediate and long-term objectives.  Looking down the avenue leading to November 2023 elections, it would be devastatingly disappointing to entertain the delusional thought of castrating the CDC of power with a fractured CPP. Our partisans have been making all sorts of well-deserved predictions regarding the CPP’s prospects, and we cannot afford to let them down.    

Therefore, those drumming the souring song of walking away from the CPP shouldn’t be offered a polite welcome because they are unwittingly trying to prolong the lifespan of George Weah’s kakistocracy. Seeing the worst of the worst rule our country ought to drive most of us in a meaningful way to collectivize our efforts in finding a viable alternative to the Weah entrenched kleptocracy instead of being delusional about Oldman Boakai’s victory without the CPP.   

The newest political Craig David needs to be reminded that the birthing position in which Liberia finds herself doesn’t require amateurish zealotry; what it requires is tactical finesse and diplomatic maneuvers aimed at amicably resolving the murky squabbles in the CPP.  

Matter of fact, instead of advocating to walk away from the CPP, the advocacy should be aimed at politely drawing Oldman Boakai’s attention to the undeniable realities. For example, the Oldman Boakai ran as an incumbent candidate in 2017 against Weah and was defeated by Weah.   As per his own account on the T-Max 50-50 Talk Show, he said, “he developed heart sickness as a result of the pressure from that election”. So, the simple analysis to take into consideration for Oldman Boakai stepping aside is: having lost the incumbency advantage to Weah, coupled with his rapidly declining health at age 80, would Oldman Baokai pull the trick? Besides, will the pressure be less on the Oldman in the upcoming elections, knowing fully well that Weah’s CDC will be throwing everything in the race to cling to power? 

Quite honestly, I think our love for Oldman Boakai should prevent us from giving him a job that would exacerbate his poor health conditions. Therefore, under these circumstances, the wisest course of action is to gently encourage Oldman Boakai to step aside and accept an ambassadorial posting in an advanced country where his health conditions would be regularly monitored satisfactorily. It would be a badge of honor for Oldman Boakai to surrender his personal ambition for the emergence of a better Liberia. A decision in this direction is not an easy task.  The benefit, however, will far outweigh the cost of participating in yet another election with the prospects of defeat once again. 

History lavishes praises on men who take the high road in peculiar times. Oldman Boakai needs to take the high road because, we continue to experience peculiar times, in that, standards in public office are being grossly debased!  For example, the likes of former presidents, including Master Sergeant Samuel K. Doe were treated to state visits to the Oval Office.   Regrettably, some of our people were celebrating because our current President George Weah hustled a photo op with U.S President Biden and other world leaders in the hallway during the just-ended climate conference in Glasgow. Imagine how far Liberia has fallen! 

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Besides, the current regime made an embarrassing muck of our governance practices when it designated the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs to Head a delegation to the USA, even though the Minister of Finance was a composite member of that delegation. It’s an unusual practice whereby the Minister of Finance, who is of a higher cabinet rank, would form part of a delegation headed by the Minister of State. The point is that, besides the Presidency, the sovereign power of the State is vested in five crucial cabinet posts, namely: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Finance; Minister of Defense; Minister of Justice, and the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The CDC regime is a strange duck. It represents a compound mixture of arrogance and ignorance with zero regards for competence, skills, and talents. Besides, the procedural formalities associated with our governance practice, it’s just unrealistic to have the eloquence of Samuel D. Tweah, Jr. on a delegation headed by Nathaniel McGill. Even during our students’ days at the University of Liberia such misjudgment would be appropriately described as an abomination of the highest order.  Yeah, again, it’s understandable why the Minister of Finance would be sucking up to the Minister of State but, this doesn’t reflect well for our country. 

Additionally, after three years, President Weah is unaware that the national budget is prepared by the Executive, evidenced by his recent statement in Kakata that the citizens should prevail on their lawmakers to put fire service trucks in the budget.

The take-home point contained in this piece is that the precarious situation prevailing in Liberia beckons Oldman Boakia to make the ultimate sacrifice by stepping aside. The country is yearning to swap the Weah Presidency, which is devoted to producing useless musical albums, to a governance system that would put the welfare of poor people front and center. Hence, the advocacy to disengage from the CPP – a political formula aimed at rescuing Liberia from the kakistrocratic regime of Weah is selfish, dangerous, and undeserving!

Atty. Isaac W. Jackson, Jr.

FORMER Liberia’s Permanent Maritime Representative 

Liberian Permanent Mission  

The International Maritime Organization (IMO)

London, United Kingdom


Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are that of the author and not of the New Dawn newspaper.

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