Liberia Hosts Sierra Leone U-23 Sunday

Liberia’s national under-23 side will determine her own verdict comes Sunday at the SKD stadium. Lone Star junior side is pocketing one point and a goal from her away match in Serra Leone last month.

With such a gigantic task to perform in a 0-0 or win encounter to advance to the next stage, there are lots of pressure on Hungarian coach Bicskei. The Hungarian named a 22-man team few days ago, which has been undergoing some demanding training sessions.

However, many fans are concern with the connecting pattern of the team’s midfield. The midfielders need to improve and develop a passing method to slow their opponents from attacking.

The starting defense of Lone Star is looking solid from their session if the right legs are selected as assumed. The possible defense eyeing Sunday drama session observed LPRC Oilers Bill Paytoe in right back, Namie Yancy positing on the left.

The central defense is yet to be settled, with two needed to be selected from the three, BYC captain Alpha James is hoping to be paired with LISCR FC’s Michal Jaesue or LPRC Oilers Teah Dennis.

Such selection is the best for the encounter as fans explained.  Dealing with the issues of midfield and forward balls connection are important for this match.

The three possible starting midfielders are: Theo Weeks of Ankaragucu FC in Turkey, Marcus Macaulay and Patrick Doeplah of Hapoel Kfar Saba FC. In attack, Sekou Jabateh of Russia; Nimba FC attacker Sam Johnson and Patrick Wleh will form the trio.

Oversea base forward invitee Patrick Doeplah was seen operating on the left and right attacked during their inner practice game on Wednesday. Although the blue team won 2-0, Patrick Doeplah and Patrick Wleh goals came as the result of individual force.

Fans attending the training session witnessed countless errors from midfielders failing to connect Patrick on numerous occasioned.

With the addition of Theo Weeks and Sekou Jabateh there will be a better flow of balls. Speaking to the New Dawn from Russia, Sekou said he is happy to be listed for the huge task and will provide his effort.

Bicskei usual 4-3-3 system will have to be implemented by boys of energy. “During a game like this; we need to play with perfect defence and rough attackers to cool the sierra Leoneans,” Patrick noted.

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