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Liberia is grateful to int’l community

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The Government of Liberia says Liberia is indebted to the international community for the enormous sacrifices made to restore peace and democratic governance here. The government notes that if there are disenchantments by political actors or parties over responses from the international community, including regional partners on the electoral process in the country, such should be expressed in a civilized manner.

Assistant Information Minister for Media Services, Wellington Geevon Smith made the comments on Thursday, 23 November in a regular press briefing at the Ministry of Information on Capitol Hill, frowning at political actors and party representatives for misjudging comments and responses coming from the international community and other regional partners over the huge delays in the electoral process that has left two political parties going for a runoff presidential election.

Minister Smith continues that if any political actor or party representatives wants to disagree with comments from Liberia’s partners, such disagreement should be channeled in a civil manner that will best suit the country and its partners, instead of harsh comments that would send Liberia backward. He calls on citizens to refrain from spreading misinformation about the early departure of Deputy Minister of Information for Press and Public Affairs, Jety Armah.

Minister Smith stresses that the Constitution of Liberia gives the President the power to appoint and dismiss, noting that President Sirleaf over the years has proven to the Liberians that she accommodates the senate’s opinion to bring onboard opposition.

According to him, for the past twelve years the President has entrusted people from the opposition with high profile state positions, saying why the President at this time would want to chase a junior minister out of the government for supporting the Vice President as it has been reported in social media. He terms as lies reports being circulated in the media that the President has dismissed Deputy Minister Armah for pledging support to the standard bearer of the ruling Unity Party, Vice President Joseph Boakai.

He reminds that the decision of the President to appoint and dismiss is her constitutional prerogative, which no one can change, adding that the records are there that too many senior officials are supporting the Vice President, including the Minister of Defense, who had publicly said he has the right to support his political choice without being fired from his post.

By Lewis S. Teh

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