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Liberia is Safe- Minister Rennie

By: Emmanuel Wise Jipoh

Liberia’s Information Minister Ledgerhood Julius Rennie has described Liberia as a safe country, amidst growing waves, of mysterious deaths, ritualistic killings, and armed robberies in the country.

The Government of Liberia has come under series of criticisms from allies and opposition due to the level of insecurity in the country. The follows recent series of attacks on the home of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott, the last of which left one of her gruesomely murdered and others injured in Brewerville, Virginia outside of Monrovia.

In addition to the attacks on the home of the former Justice Minister, there have been reports of series of mysterious deaths across the country, including the alleged gruesome murder of four auditors of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), the alleged killing of the late Director General, of the Internal Audit Agency, Emmanuel Barthan Nyeswa, the mysterious disappearance of three boys hired by the Proprietor of the St. Moses Funeral Parlor to undertake a task in Bong County.

The boys, Robert M. Blamo, Jr, 29, Siafa Gbana Boimah, 34, and Bobby S. Gbeanquoi, 32, were later reported to have drowned in a river in Fuama District, lower Bong County when a canoe they were allegedly riding capsized while returning to their respective homes their bodies are yet to be found.

Another 16-year-old boy identify as Gentle Bryant lifeless body was discovered in the Edward Binyan Kesselly (EBK) Military Barracks, in late December 2022, badly bruised.

But Information Minister Ledegerhood Rennie, speaking Tuesday, 28th February 2023, on State Radio, ELBC said the country is completely safe for Liberians and guaranteed for foreigners, contrary to mounting cries from Liberians and the opposition that the country is unsafe, given the circumstances of mysterious deaths, across the country without justice being served.

Minister Renne described as unfair and farfetched for people to grossly label the country as unsafe, because of a single crime or incident that has happened.

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He said Liberia is safe and the government is capable of providing security for its citizens and foreigners alike, in wake of growing sentiments, regarding the recent attack on the home of the former Chief Justice.

Furthermore, Minister Rennie explained that those spreading lies and falsehoods about the Government are only doing so to score political goals.

He said as the country heads towards Election, rhetoric’s will come to draws attention.

The information minister said the Government of Liberia has been tolerant, amidst persistent protests by Individuals, trying to destabilize the Peace of the Country, in name of Seeking redress to their grievances.

Minister Rennie, cited instances, in which the Government has been accused of cases from political actors to draw public attention, but the truth was later revealed, making specific reference to the death of the late Journalist Tyron Brown, of Super FM 95.5.

The late Liberian Journalist Tyron Brown was uncovered dead on Duport road on April 16, 2018, when he had visited a friend and was said to be stabbed multiple times leading to his death, at the time, Police investigation linked Defendant Jonathan William and others to the crime of Murder, who later faced Justice.

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  1. You must relinquish full control of power when the position has left you or you have left it. The coup in Liberia left power in the hands of the stagers and victims. The rebel now in prison who was President took some Liberian powers alongside. The woman who became first female president of Liberia might be still possessing some power in speeches, affiliates out and in the nation. The present President will determine his fullness as he seeks re-election, if he does, on canvass level. To get the confidence of the Liberian people and continuous protection before or after relinquished power of public office one must have been officially legitimately appointed or elected.

  2. Going the extra mile or under millage could be the reason why some Liberians have not yet realized the protection they are entitled to secure. For example, the Liberian people did not tell you to work in Government offices after required office times. The Liberian Constitution did not ask you for favors, by going places or doing extra things to help but not required. The Liberian people are the ones who supply the resources for the job done and pay you the specifics for what you do as a nation. Some of these are the reasons why our protective rights are not carried forth during active service and, when we leave public offices. We are not legally appointed so me tamper with law above constitutional provisions and up till now refuse to sifter decrees in the interest of Liberia. (2) We take positions by force from tyrants without the 15 counties fully injected and did not refuse to accept them in the midst of crisis. (3) We finger election ballots unauthorized. (4) We seek public offices simply because we look for personal popularity, greed, hate, and sexual relationship to feed our person + public desires…etc. If an administration is freely and fairly elected, meaning that majority visibly agree that that official of Government, or Presidential candidate is in the right place, Democracy becomes the one left to Liberians for this Republic by our founders. So, let us now be precautious and get the actual facts of this election, October 2023.

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