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“Liberia is way behind”

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The head of the Traditional Council of Liberia Chief Zanzan Kawar says Liberia has nothing to show, even though it is Africa’s oldest independent state.

“In other African Countries, the people build their roads, if you do not pay, you will not pass. And that system needs to come into Liberia because Liberia is way back,” he said Thursday, 14 June at the Ministry of Information regular press briefing.

Chief Kawar suggests that systems that others used to develop their countries like Ghana need to be brought to Liberia, noting that when the roads in Liberia have been paved, drivers running on those roads need to pay.

He says Liberia got independence before the other countries, but he wonders where is the country headed. Chief Kawar observes that Liberians love free things, noting that begging will not carry Liberia anywhere.

He urges Liberians to go back to the soil and work and stop going to other countries to beg for rice, noting that Liberians are begging for something that they can grow.

Chief Kawar also pleads with government to adjust agriculture break for Legislators from rainy season to dry season, because during rainly season, they do not burn farms.

He calls on chiefs to go back to the soil and engage in traditional farming. At the same time, Chief Kawar has warned that if anyone challenges President George Manneh Weah, that person has challenged the indigenous people because Mr. Weah is their son.

He warns that fighting leader cannot develop the country, saying: “When the President friend gave the plane, the Liberian people had too much to say.” He says Liberians are forgetting that the late President Samuel K. Doe too brought plane here and there is no account for it now.

He says when President Weah is going somewhere; he shouldn’t wait for transport plane before going. He further urges President Weah to go and bring two more planes.

By Ethel A. Tweh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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