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Liberia issues travel advisory on COVID-19

Authorities at the National Public Health Institute of Liberia or NPHIL, have released a travel advisory here, mandating every traveler from a country which has reported 200 cases of Coronavirus to a compulsory 14 day quarantine.

In a statement issued Friday, the health authorities said, consultation with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Liberia and the World Health Organization in Liberia, NPHIL and the Ministry of Health have instituted the following guidelines as criteria necessitating transfer of arriving passengers to Star Base, the Government of Liberia’s (G(OL) approved Precautionary Observation Center (POC ):

Any person who, within 14 days before arriving in Liberia, has resided in a country that has reported 200 or more confirmed eases will be taken to the Star Base POC for 14 days of monitoring. As of February 26, those countries are the following: China (78.190 cases), Japan (835 cases) and South Korea (l, 113 eases) and Italy (310 cases)

Visitors who have been in countries with 50 to 100 confirmed cases (with widespread transmission in specific geographic areas. such as regions, states, provinces, cities. etc.) in the last 14 days, will be evaluated based on the specific geographical areas they visited. If visitors are coming from specific geographical areas in countries with 100 or more confirmed cases experiencing widespread transmission. they will undergo precautionary observation at the approved POC

Visitors from countries with 15 to less than 50 cases will be documented and asked to do self-monitoring and report immediately to emergency toll-free phone number (4435). If they experience any one of these symptoms: fever, cough and/or respiratory distress. Such countries include Thailand (l S), Singapore (37) and Bahrain (23).

Additionally, given the fact that there are reported attempts by some visitors to circumvent enhanced airport screening procedures by obtaining a laissez-passer or new passport. We have also instituted the following measures:

All persons who arrive with a laissez-passer will be immediately taken to the POC for secondary screening. If there is any suspicion of illegal attempts to circumvent the process. such a visitor will be kept in the POC for 14 days.

2. The above is also applicable to new arrivals with a brand-new passport.
This advisory will be continuously modified as the epidemiology of the disease evolves over time.

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