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Liberia “Land Right Bill”, Will Trekker Liberia’s Next Civil War

The land is a traditional inheritance of all Liberians irrespective of their impoverished status or geographical location in Liberia. Since Liberia obtained her earned-independence in 1847, the run-of-the-mill practice of traditional customary land conceptualization by indigenous Liberians had been effective without any form of insurmountable land predicament. But what exactly is traditional customary land concept means within the Liberian context? It is an unofficial law put in place by traditional Liberians to guide, protect, and possess the ultimate usage of land within the Liberian context.

Today, President Weah and his wise men and his discreet Legislature have declared this customary pattern of land tenure in Liberia as unofficial and unlawful after 171-years of Liberia’s independence, July 26, 1847. This unguided concept is not only detrimental, to the peace and security of Liberia; it overwhelmingly has the propensity to quickly fuel a future civil war when the newly accepted “Land Right Bill” matured into law with the blessings of the Senate. This new land right bill will be a time bomb among indigenous Liberians and foreigners whom the new land bill favored extensively. Painstakingly, the bill abolishes the traditional customary laws and delineates the different types of land ownership and the rights recognized by indigenous Liberians, will no longer perpetuate.

The new land bill enforces land acquirement, used, transferred and otherwise managed and the ownership of the “Land Rights Bill” which does not by and large extend to Mineral Resources on the land and beneath it. Furthermore, a private land will be a land which is owned or otherwise held by private persons under the provisions of the “Land Rights Bill” and other applicable laws in Liberia.

Interestingly, “a private land will be a land which is owned or otherwise held by private persons (White people, all foreigners etc., etc.) under the provisions of “The Land Rights Bill” and other applicable laws in Liberia.” The future civil wars will revolve around the private land ownership which largely includes land being owned by foreigners (white people) or non-Liberians. Another part of the “land rights bill” includes land can be transferred by Liberians to anybody including white people and other dangerous foreign nationals.

Foreigners will migrate to Liberia to utilize this so-called “land right bill.” They will then purchase the best lands in Liberia and used it as a weapon to enslave and abused impoverished Liberians who dwelled adjacent to such land. Gradually, these foreigners will also use cash violence to get as much land and no sooner, they would take all the remaining lands from the hands of indigenous Liberians which would vehemently trekker another civil war in Liberia long after President Weah had vacated the presidency.

Most of the multiples problems that exist today around African are directly attributed to the passing of dangerous laws by lawmakers. These ridiculous decisions are made by lawmakers and political leaders for their own aggrandizement without taking into consideration the risks such laws would have on the future of the entire citizenry of a nation. Those laws can always backfire in the absence of the very leaders who make them in the first place. This “land right bill” should be discontinued and disallowed to avoid potential future civil war between indigenous of Liberians and foreigners (white people). The traditional customary concept of, acquiring, guiding, protecting, and possessing the land, shouldn’t be replaced by this so-called “land right bill” now or even tomorrow—it is simply a wrong bill!

It can be revealed that Land Reform Process in South Africa did focus on three areas: Land restitution, land tenure reform, and land redistribution. In the case of land reform in Zimbabwe is it simply about getting lands out of the hands of foreigners and the same is applied in Ghana, Nigeria, and other African countries, where indigenous are fighting to get their lands out of the hands of foreigners (White people). Liberia’s “land right bill” is a dangerous precedence, President Weah. Did President Weah ask himself, why is that all the President who came before him didn’t bother to implement a land reform bills? It was simply because of a future civil war.

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